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Dynasty, a reboot of the 1980s American soap opera, follows two wealthiest families, the Carringtons and the Colbys.The main protagonist Fallon Carrington is as easy to love and as to hate. She has acquired the sharp business acumen and meanness from her father, Blake Carrington, owner of the business worth of multi-millions.


After failing to be given a position of note by her father in his firm, The ever-ambitious Fallon decides to start her own company after being denied a spot in her father’s firm.

Everyone knows how charismatic and business savvy Fallon can get. But here are some details about Fallon, that viewers might have missed out on.


The center of all parties, Fallon Carrington, has Astrophobia. This fear of thunder and lightning. This phobia of Fallon unveiled in Season 2’s seventh episode named “That Witch.’ In this episode, the whole family is trapped inside the house because of a storm, and poor Fallon is as terrified as she can be.

Different Name

Blake Carrington wanted his daughter to be named after his mother, Ellen. However, Alexis, Fallon’s mother, opposed the idea, the decision rested on her. And we got our very own Fallon.

Do you remember Fallon also has a middle name? Morell that she used to name her company: the Morell Green Energy Corporation.

Favorite Color

Just like every other person, Fallon also has a fondness for a particular color that is cobalt blue. You can see this color frequently in her dresses and office.

She also has a liking for white lily, the flower. All of this is evident in the episode “A Used Up Memory.”

Ambitions Of Being An Actress

Name one thing that Fallon doesn’t want to be? A fool maybe. But she manages to make one out of herself various times.

Anyways, from a long list, Fallon also wanted to be an actress as a kid. She also engaged in school plays during her early years.

This came out in the episode titled “The Butler Did It,” during an argument between daddy and daughter, Fallon mentions that she played the lead in a vocal during her middle-school days.

Episode Appearance 

Fallon being the main protagonist, appeared in every episode of the series along with daddy dearest, Blake Carrington. However, there are a couple of other characters that kept showing in throughout the series. But Fallon steals all the thunder every time she shows up.


Fallon happens to be allergic to pineapples. This particular detail is highlighted in the ninth episode of Season 3 titled “The Caviar, I Trust, Is Not Burned.”

Baby Food

Fallon’s first-ever baby meal was white truffles. Really? Can infants even digest that amount of calories?

Well, this is Fallon. She gets everything she fancies. Maybe this is one of her inherited characteristics.

This detail comes out in the Season One episode titled “Enter Alexis.”

Legally Blonde Moment

Now, this is something only the keen viewers of both the movie (Legally Blonde) and the TV show could catch.

In the Season 3 episode titled “The Caviar, I Trust, Is Not Burned,” Fallon mirrors a quintessential Elle Woods scene from the movie “Legally Blonde.” When she proceeds towards the stand to clear Blake’s name, wearing a pink suit, precisely, it appeared how Elle did in one of the movie’s scenes.

Fallon also recreated the mannerisms of Elle on the stand.

These were some of the little details that you might have missed about your favorite Fallon.


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