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Getting to choose what vape juice flavors you want to try next is one of the most fun parts about vaping for many people, and it is the easiest way to customize your vaping experience. Out of all the e cig flavors out there, you get to choose the ones that you like the most and enjoy those as often as you like. As you pick out your next vape juice refills, there are a few flavors that you might want to add to your cart if you haven’t already.


There are certain vape juice flavors that every vape user should try at some point or another. Even if you already have all your favorites lined up, it could be a good idea for you to explore some new types of vape juice flavors at least once. This could help give you a much more well-rounded knowledge of your vape juice and what is out on the market today.

Out of all the best sellers and fan favorites we have seen, these are the best e cig flavors to try at least once in your life.

Fresh Fruits
Normally when people have a bit of a sweet tooth, it is the fruit flavors they go for first. In this category of flavors, you have plenty to choose from including the more common ones like grape or strawberry, and some of the less common sightings of guava or raspberry. Have fun looking through all of these fresh, sweet e cig flavors to find your favorites.

Classic Mint
Some people have found they prefer vaping with a mint flavored liquid over snacking on a peppermint candy, but it is up to you to decide what you think. A mint vape juice is a great choice for those who are not always interested in sweeter, candy-like flavors. It can also make a great refresher between sweet vape juices.

Subtle Vanilla
One of the most underrated, but essential flavors of vape juice has got to be vanilla. It is so unique compared to other flavors, but it is a great one to try to truly diversify your palate. Vanilla vape juice is a mild, sweet flavor that skews away from the brighter flavors of various fruits.

While you are seeking out all of these fan favorite e cig flavors, you will want to find them in a great vape juice formula to start with. You might want to try a nicotine-free formula for your vape juice because it is great for those who really appreciate the flavors of their vape liquids. Zero nicotine really allows the flavors to come through more and creates a better vaping experience overall.

A great vape brand that offers all of these e cig flavors in a beloved nicotine-free formula formula is cyclonepods.com. They carry different types of vaping devices as well, so you can try this vape liquid in the format that you like best. Give them a try and have some fun exploring these new flavors.

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