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Right now, the world is in a state of flux. People are being laid off. Businesses and schools are shuttered as a result of the storm. Some businesses, like travel and tourism, are particularly badly impacted. Other firms, on the other hand, are prospering, particularly those that are e-commerce or service-oriented.

But what does it take to maintain e-commerce business success? SEO advice for e-commerce sites may be quite beneficial. The importance of SEO in e-commerce cannot be overstated. In reality, SEO is responsible for the majority of traffic and income for a wide range of businesses. SEO, when done correctly, may be extremely beneficial to a company's success. In this post, we'll go over some e-commerce SEO best practices that any business may use.

Update Your Business Listings

Now more than ever, it’s imperative that you manage your business hours and store closures. Regulations that govern stores are always changing, so it may be a good idea for your business to update its store hours through local search SEO. Especially if your business is temporarily closed or has recently changed its hours, local search can be critical. 

In the long run, you should optimize your business listings so that they appear in local search results and location-based queries – this is one of the more crucial e-commerce seo tips. Getting positive reviews, updating your information, using citations, and having optimized and localized content are also very important.

Adding Structured Data

When it comes to SEO tips for e-commerce websites, adding and updating structured data is very important. Recently, Google added new types of event schema for virtual, postponed and canceled events. You can add the code to your web page and the information will be updated in the SERPs. If you or one of your clients is dealing with a cancellation as a result of the virus, submit feedback in regards to the incorrect time and date

Doing a Technical Audit

When we talk about the importance of SEO in e-commerce, we need to address the issues that can plague e-commerce sites. There are multiple issues that can harm e-commerce platforms and stop them from getting good visibility in search result pages. There are a few common issues that always pop up in relation to this, like duplicate content as a result of faceted URLs being indexed and improperly canonicalized. 

Also, you might not have the right redirect strategy. Sometimes, brands delete a page when a product is out of stock, which is not the right thing to do. Instead, a decent redirect strategy should be set up and put into place. Often, sites can experience poor load times because of a number of scripts that are running that don’t need to be running, which increases the page’s load time. Heavy images can also be problematic.

Sometimes, XML sitemaps do not automatically update to add new product pages and categories. When your site has a good structure, your pages should get picked up regardless, but XML sitemap can help – especially if you have a site with many pages. Also, pages might not be marked up with a correct product schema. Or, a bad url structure with lots of parameters and extra folders can be caused by your CMS. With a technical audit, you can catch all of these errors.

Creating Content and Optimizing It

When it comes to on-page tips for e-commerce websites, creating and optimizing high-quality content that satisfies users has never been more important. Many e-commerce sites have product pages and descriptions. In fact, even category pages have a limited amount of content. Users often have questions, the answers to those questions should be taken into account when it comes to devising the content strategy that will make your content and pages more holistic and well-rounded. 

More often than not, not everyone visiting your site is in the purchase phase. Some users are just seeking out information, and they want to know more about the product before they buy it. If your site does not contain information about your product and answer questions users have, why should they buy your product?

Contact a Professional

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