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Earl James Releases the Sequel to Morrow’s Con — Knight’s Tour: A Morrow’s Con Story

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SEATTLE, WA, JANUARY 23, 2023 – Diligent and respectable mystery crime thriller author has released his sequel to his popular book, Morrow's Con. The famous, loving and endearing con artist is back again in Knight's Tour: A Morrow's Con Story with even greater dangers on his heels. Fresh from his exploits with the mob, he finds himself in a quandary one more time when he becomes the target of two parties in a deal who are at war against each other. Will Morrow survive this time, or will someone by sleight of hand eventually take him out and get their revenge? Lot of questions will be answered with readers sifting through the pages of this gritty novel of a loveable con artist.

Earl James has spent the better part of his life in Seattle, Washington. The idea of creating Morrow came to him many years ago but it took time to develop an appropriate storyline that everyone would resonate with. After writing the first book of Morrow — Morrow's Con — he needed to make sure the sequel, Knight's Tour: A Morrow's Con Story, does justice not just to itself but also to the first part. As a splendid mystery crime thriller, Knight's Tour does wonders and surpasses the antics of Morrow from the previous book.

“I thank the readers for loving Morrow's Con and giving their positive feedback. I was indeed resolute in how Morrow would play out his art of heist. I would go on to say that people's responses brought new dimensions to the character of Morrow that they'll find when they read Knight's Tour. He is subtly different in approach from the first book, yet his daredevilry is a notch higher this time with more than just life on the line. This time there's more. Wait no more, dear friends, and grab your copy from Amazon today!”, said Earl James.


Knight's Tour: A Morrow's Con Story is the sequel to Morrow's Con that has been authored by Earl James. He lives in Seattle, WA, with his wife.


Phone Number – 206-707-2628

Website – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRVZY9G7

Email – earljamesbooks@gmail.com




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