Early Signs Of Arthritis In Dogs

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veterinarians Brampton, ON

Arthritis is a very common condition in our canine companions, especially with pups that are in their golden years. This painful condition can severely affect your pup's quality of life and range of motion. While it cannot be treated, there are ways to manage it. Good home care will go a long way. This includes keeping your pet on a proper diet and exercise regimen, providing comfy bedding, and possibly offering supplements, massage, or other treatments. Your vet can also go over other options, such as medication or laser therapy.

Of course, it's always best when illnesses are caught early. It's important for you to know what to watch for.

Here are a few common warning signs to be aware of:


Sleeping More

Trouble getting up or down


Licking/Nibbling Paws, Legs, spine, or tail

Trouble Getting Comfortable

Reduced Interest in Play

Glum Mood



If you notice any of these in your canine buddy, contact your veterinarians Brampton, ON right away to discuss possible treatment options.


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