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If you are thinking that along with saving money you can also earn money then install solar panels in your home today. With this, the electricity of your house will also become free and at the same time you can earn by selling electricity

The solar panel business is growing very fast and the government also helps you in this business, the question is how to start this solar panel business and how much it will cost remains till the end of this article.

Today, there has been so much development in every single field that all the electrical appliances have made their place in all the houses of India. Due to this, the solar system is growing very fast.

What is a solar panel, and how does it work


Source: Loom Solar

A solar panel is a device that converts sunlight into electrical energy. These are made up of tiny solar cells, which are a semiconductor, that help convert electrical energy into electricity. Various types of technology have come to meet the human being completely dependent on electricity, one of which includes solar systems which without harming the environment, we get electricity using natural way.

Use the roof of the house

Are you doing any government or private jobs or business? As soon as the month ends, there is a line for bills, like electricity bill, water bill, the salary was not received and apart from the tension of this bill, how much does your house bill come?

Add 1500 – 2000 for a month and a year, then 70 – 80 thousand think if it happens that electricity also becomes free and double income too. Now the question is what will be done about this? Let's talk about installing solar panels on the roof of the house, then you can get it installed yourself and also under the government's PM KUSUM YOJNA. In this, the state government gives you a subsidy and loan from the bank. So what is the delay, now you have put your roof to good use, haven't you?

There is no need to take any separate place for the installation of solar panels, for this you can install a solar plant on the roof of your house itself.

How to earn daily from the solar plant

For this, first of all, you will have to install a solar plant and after registering it in your nearest electricity office, you will have to provide electricity per unit, so that you will have a bigger market to serve, so your profit percentage will also be higher. Through this also you can earn thousands to lakhs of rupees every month.

What is PM KUSUM YOJNA how to apply?

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As you all know that most of the population of India is still dependent on agriculture. And what is the condition of the farmers of India, either there is drought or there is not enough water for irrigation. Keeping these things in mind, the central government has issued PM KUSUM YOJNA, under which the government gives you a 60 percent loan and a 30 percent subsidy, in which you have to pay only 10 percent of the cost of the solar plant.

Whatever electricity is generated from the solar plant, will have a double benefit, which you can sell electricity to the government and earn extra.

Documents required for Kusum Yojana

Ø Aadhaar Card

Ø Mobile Number

Ø Income Certificate

Ø Domicile Certificate

Ø Passport size photo

Ø Bank account passbook

Ø Land details

Where to install solar panels

To buy solar panels, you can contact the Renewable Energy Development Authority of the state government. And there are private dealers in every city in which it comes at a high price (LOOM SOLAR PVT. LTD.). Which also provides you with solar panels, solar trolleys, solar pumps, and batteries in easy installments. For more information about this, you can contact Loom Solar Company's call number 875-077-8800, and WhatsApp number 875-077-8800.




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