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Easy steps to prepare your air conditioning unit for winter

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Preparing your air conditioning unit will keep it ready for the next hot or cold weather. Read on to learn a few steps to prepare your unit for winter.

Your air conditioning Maitland won’t be efficient in winter if you don’t keep it well-maintained. It has gotten through the hot summer days and has been overworked already. You should return the favour by taking the necessary steps to prepare it for winter. You will likely stay cool, calm and collected when the next hot summer weather hits.


Clear the space around your AC

This should be your first step in preparing your unit for winter. A lot of people count the days until the first warm summer weeks in their region. You would rather take your time to enjoy the sun than repair and maintain your air conditioner. You should start getting ready now before the cold weather comes in. Save yourself some hassle and time come those warmer months by removing potential blockages from within twelve inches of space around your unit.


Clean the outside of your unit

Central ACs are made of several components. These components work together to cool your home. This includes the outside unit whose fans, coils and other moving parts help remove heat from inside your home. But debris and dirt can clog up these inner workings and make them run less efficiently.


You should start by shutting off the power mains to their air conditioner. This can be through an outdoor switch or via your electrical box found inside your home. You should then use a garden hose to rinse the metal housing. Make sure the hose is in a low-pressure setting. Rinse the visible components of your unit and the vents. Spray in the opposite direction of the wind.


Cover your unit

AC sales & service professionals advise this to keep your AC clean and free from debris. AC covers are a more practical solution to keep garden debris,  ice and other things from affecting your unit during the winter months. Home improvement stores and hardware stores sell different kinds of covers to suit most air conditioner models and make.


You should choose the right cover that fits your unit. Fasten it near the bottom of your air conditioner but be sure to leave some space at the bottom. This will ensure that any moisture that gets in can get out. Use a bungee cord if the cover does not come with a fastening strap.


Update the setting of your thermostat

Your AC’s thermostat is an important part of your cooling system. It is time to switch off your AC and turn on the heating when temperatures start dropping. Preferences differ from one region to another. You may need to readjust your thermostat after some time. Lower the temperature in your home after you are acclimated to the cold weather during winter. Upgrade to a smart thermostat to take control of the temperature in your home. This will help you save a lot of money by reducing system use.


Have a professional check your AC

You can do the normal upkeep but leave the technical part of maintaining your air conditioning Maitland to a professional.


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