Easy Tips for Office Relocation

Your business is growing rapidly, and your team has expanded. You feel the existing office will not hold the operations effectively. You have chosen a new location and about to move there. Office relocation is an involved process that requires focus and consideration from your side. You have office furniture, a ton of electronics and other stuff to pack before commencing relocation. Strategic planning during a commercial move is the key to make an effective relocation without hassles. Additionally, hiring expert commercial movers makes all the difference when you decide to move to another location.

To understand the multiple components of business moving and better relocation, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Plan in Advance

Advance planning holds the most critical value in office relocation. Planning gives you an idea of the time needed for packing and transportation. Planning a few weeks before the date of relocation is beneficial as you determine the placement of belongings and convenience of access. Planning and hiring professional business movers can reduce costly downtime and ensure a smooth transition. Creating a plan for the new premises and sharing it with employees will prepare them for relocation, saving time and effort significantly.

  • Hiring Professional Movers

Do your research and shortlist various professional office movers for your relocation. While you may think you can cut costs by doing relocation by yourself, hiring professionals is a better option. Reason for this point is that a moving company has resources and expertise in making a relocation process smooth. They can proceed with packing and loading without disrupting the operations. Similarly, they unload and set the new place within due date to keep the business running efficiently. Consider hiring professional movers to cut costs and save valuable time for your transportation and operations.

  • Ask employees to pack personal stuff

An easy way to save time in packing is to ask employees to clear their desks and pack their belongings. At the time of planning, de-brief your employees about the relocation area and data so they can pack their desk items before actual movement. This simple exercise will save much effort and let you focus on the necessary office inventory. It also gives commercial movers an easy time to pack and load items identified by the owner. You may need to give some time off from their work schedule have their items packed before relocation day.

  • Move IT and Networking Items First

Have your IT, and network setup relocated and set up at the new place ahead of relocation schedule. Your IT team also needs to plan the networking and set IT infrastructure for the new site. Depending on the size, the IT team needs time to do the networking up and running. Hire business movers to move your IT setup first, will save time in setting and prevent disruptions in the new office.

  • Label Your Boxes 

Label all the boxes when moving to a new office to unpack without any problem. Properly labelled boxes will make it easy for office movers to unload the item where needed. For instance, a box marked for the basement will go in the basement while the ones labelled kitchen will unpack there.

Final Word

 Office relocation is a time-consuming and daunting process if done without planning. The points mentioned above will give you some guidance and support in making your move easy and hassle-free. Be sure to hire professional commercial movers for the task to make relocation smooth and easy.


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