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Eat and Lose Weight? – 3 Tips For an Effective Weight Loss

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Half portions may sound drastic, but try it, it doesn't have to be. If you are KetoTrim 800 Review  weighing your food, then maybe add a few grams less pasta or rice to the pan. Or, just eat half a tin of beans instead of a full one, or two slices of toast instead of your usual four. You can always go back and make more, if you have to. It isn't a bad thing to not be totally full after you finish eating Drink a lot of water. It will keep you full, and stop you snacking as much. Try not to keep it in the fridge though as your hand might wander from the bottle to something else when you get some. Often when we think we are hungry we are just thirsty.

Scientists looking at human longevity studied the people of Okinawa who have a high percentage of octogenarians amongst them. They found that one of the factors that were common amongst them was that they all stopped eating when they were just 70% full. This is also great for weight loss for obvious reasons. Also it gives the stomach and the brain a chance to catch up with their communications.

 The full feeling often occurs some time after we finish eating, which means that if we stop before we are full, then providing we have eaten enough we will feel full after a few minutes. This point is perhaps the most important. Occasionally it is important to eat whatever you fancy. This stops you craving food excessively and takes away the desire to eat something that you can't. Just don't do it too often and enjoy it when you do.



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