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Our environment is an important aspect of our existence and provides healthy living for all of us. Our planet Earth is home not only to us humans, but to so many different species of living things. In addition, our environment is what provides us our essentials for life, such as air, food, water, as well as other things.

The impact that we humans have on the environment is devastating, to say the least. Human activities have resulted in many adverse environmental issues such as the depletion of the ozone layer, climate changes, global warming, acid rains etc.

In recent times however, there is a lot of talk about ‘going green’ by many people. What does this actually mean?

Going green means living a lifestyle that doesn’t harm the environment and is both beneficial to you and every other living creature on Earth. What we use for our daily consumption, our food, drink, clothing and everything else, should be used in such a way that the planet is not damaged. This is where eco-friendly products come in.

Eco-friendly products don’t harm the environment during their production, use or disposal. These products significantly reduce the amount of pollution they could otherwise produce. The benefits of using eco-friendly products are:

  • Lowers costs.
  • Are sustainable to the world.
  • Promotes healthier living.
  • Promotes better quality of life.
  • They are recyclable.
  • They are reusable.
  • Need lower maintenance.
  • Provides savings on energy bills.

Many manufacturers of home products these days are endeavouring to produce more eco-friendly items for use in homes, offices and elsewhere, and are even offering incentives to consumers for using environmentally friendly products and methods.

Many shops and online stores now sell eco-friendly home items in Sri Lanka, made from a wide range of materials such as:

  • Wood.
  • Coconut shells.
  • Recycled paper and board.
  • Paper and board made out of animal droppings.
  • Burlap.
  • Bamboo.
  • Palm leaves.
  • Cay or terracotta.
  • Palmyrah.
  • Jaggery Palm (Kithul)

There are many items made from these materials that can be used in the home, such as cutlery, plate ware, linen, decorative items, kitchen equipment, cookware etc. Bamboo especially is a very popular material which is used for making many products, such as bamboo cutlery, plates, bowls, stationery holders, straws and many more. For the eco-friendly consumer, most shops also promote natural plants as decorative items for the home or office, especially miniature plants such as cacti and bonsai.

Eco-friendly home items in Sri Lanka also include such items as shopping or grocery bags, cleaning products, toothbrushes, children’s toys and many others, which are made out of environmentally friendly materials that will not harm the environment and planet Earth. These items can be reused many times over, and even if they are disposed of, the natural materials mean they are highly biodegradable, unlike plastics and other such materials.

Even many commercial establishments these days such as hotels and restaurants are now switching to more eco-friendly products such as reusable cutlery made from bamboo or wood, reusable straws, and are even using highly biodegradable materials for packing boxes for takeaway food.

In addition to these many personal care products such as toothbrushes and cotton buds etc are also made from all natural, sustainable materials including bamboo and wood.

The next time you are looking to buy things for yourself, for your home, or even if you are looking for a gift for someone, try searching for something that doesn’t harm our environment. There are many retail stores and online stores that sell eco-friendly home items in Sri Lanka, as well as gift items and personal products, where you can select from a vast range of products made from different types of sustainable materials.

Even such things as Christmas decorations, are now available from these stores, and are very unique and creative, not to mention that they will keep our planet clean and healthy, and will not pollute the environment we live in.

The decisions we make today, will greatly impact our children in the future, and it is our responsibility to leave a better, cleaner world for them. Play your part in protecting the environment by switching to eco-friendly products for yourself and for your home. After all this Planet Earth is all we have.


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