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Eco-Friendly Shopping: Why You Should Buy Kraft Shopping Bags

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We have taken our world for granted, and most of us have done nothing to do something in return for mother earth. The environmental impact of the word sustained is significant, and its effects are becoming increasingly apparent. One of the major contributing factors to environmental impact is plastic shopping bags. These bags have several uses in our lives. 


Some use these bags to clean the house or go grocery shopping. If you want to reduce the effects of these bags, the best option is to opt for environmentally-free shopping bags. Paper bags help to avoid the pitfalls of plastic bags since they are recyclable and take a lot less time to decompose if they don’t make landfills. This article will discuss why you should use and buy Kraft shopping bags.


Why Use Reusable Shopping Bags?


  • Saves Resources


Plastic bags may seem inoffensive and light. However, they make a greater impact on our environment. About 8% of the total oil production in the world is for making plastic, and about 12 million barrels of oil are used for making 30 billion plastic bags that are used in the USA alone. Moreover, these bags also use fossil fuels as they are transported worldwide.


Each plastic bag is used roughly for about 12 minutes. After this, these bags turn into waste real quick. Governments are spending a lot of money to manage increasing plastic waste. And one of the best initiatives is reusable bags that are recyclable and safe for our world. Therefore, you should buy Kraft shopping bags for maximum impact. 


  • Prevents Pollution


 Plastic pollution is a major global issue. Since plastic takes a minimum of 500 years to biodegrade, million tons of plastic waste fills the landfills and floods into the ocean. This waste eliminates wildlife by strangling, trapping, poisoning, and choking them. A study found that over a million marine birds and 100,000 marine animals die yearly from plastic ingestion.


Additionally, large plastic pieces break down into small pieces over time. These small amounts of plastics shift through the ecosystem and make their way to the food chain, absorbing all sorts of toxins that are induced and ingested later. Microplastics are also identified in soil, myriad animals, drinking water, and human placenta.


  • Save Money


Many companies have imposed a plastic bag levy on customers. Although plastic bags cost a nickel, the expense can quickly increase. According to NRDC, the average family uses about 1500 plastic bags yearly.


On the other hand, reusable bags are a one-time purchase lasting years. Its cost is a bit high and available in many different retail supermarkets and stores. Some places also give reusable plastic bags free of cost with a minimum purchase. Many shops also give their customers discounts if they have their reusable bags.


  • Better Quality

Plastic bags are made for one-time use only. They are only made to last as long as the trip home to the house. Hence, they are thin and flimsy. We all have experienced plastic bags ripping from their handles or due to sharp items. It is a very inconvenient occurrence. 


The reusable bags are durable and tough. They are also heavier than traditional plastic bags and do not tear when packed with sharp objects. In other words, you will get quicker bagging, fewer bags to carry, fewer trips to and from the car, and easy unloading and loading.


  • Declutters The Space


Although you may want to use the plastic bags from the grocery store to put the trash or pick up the dog poo, using as many plastic bags as you collect is almost impossible. This is why many people end up with kitchen drawers full of plastic bags or several bags stuffed with other bags.


As we grow older, we get annoyed with clutter, negatively affecting our mental and emotional health. How many people are looking to adopt a cleaner and minimalist lifestyle? Rather than many plastic bags, reusable bags will dwindle, allowing you to enjoy more space.


  • Suits Your Style


Reusable shopping bags are available in different materials and designs. From canvas and cotton to fabrics made up of recycled water bottles, customers will get a lot of options to choose from. Although the material may vary, every reusable bag is durable, lightweight, and washable, giving you several years of versatile use.


Reusable bags are more attractive than single-use plastic bags. Most brands and big companies are partnering up for reusable bag initiatives. When many stores add their reusable bags, customers will get custom, reusable bags from their favourite companies. You can also choose a reusable bag with a slogan or design you love.




Using reusable bags can reduce the resources used in producing plastic bags and protect the world from plastic pollution. Moreover, you will save money, look more classy, and enjoy a better quality of life quality. So, start using reusable bags now to create a healthier and better environment for future generations.


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