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You need not move between many tabs and multiple network records to inspect complex network problems. Troubleshooting those problems include discovering a network element/entity’s Internet Protocol address. The address of the entity, whether it is a port, server, or desktop, gives a lot of insights into information such as its user, asset tag, device type, and interface specifics. Those details aid in discovering the source of network problems, thereby facilitating effective troubleshooting.

Here are some IP tools, which allow inspecting and discovering the basic reason for any network problem. These must be a part of your kit of network tools because they provide not only proactive monitoring but also solid control over the IT infrastructure of your business.

Ping Tools

Ping is a command useable to troubleshoot TCP/IP network connectivity, name resolution, and network reachability. It is among the favorite tools of all network administrators. Using it in the form of a CLI command helps with basic troubleshooting processes such as examining the connectivity state between multiple host devices as well as latency values.

Anyhow, it is perhaps a bad idea to depend only on the CLI command to troubleshoot every one of your business network’s IPv4 addresses or IPv6 addresses.

The ping tools of OpUtils can do a fast ICMP sweep in the network of your business. The tools allow verifying whether a target server or host is not only online but also responsive.

MAC Address Resolver

The media access control address of a network element or entity tends to be embedded in that entity’s NIC. Tracking your business’s network media access control addresses is a must. This is because the address is primarily for configuring the Internet Protocol addresses that a network device uses to access a network.

OpUtils offers a tool that allows verifying the specific MAC address connected to a given IP address through a facility for a lookup in the address space of your network.


It is tricky to manage multiple subnetworks. It is impractical to use CLI commands to scan across your company’s subnetworks because it would take scanning all hosts in all subnets to discover the media access control addresses in each subnet. To make things worse, your Address Resolution Protocol cache is only capable of retaining that information for just 120 seconds.

This OpUtils tool allows viewing your Internet Protocol address space’s status in a consolidated form, thus saving you CLI scanning. The tool can map the IP addresses available to the media access control addresses within your network.

The tool allows doing an IP address lookup for details regarding the DNS name, IP location, NIC type, MAC address, and so forth.


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