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Effective Tips For A Safer And Better Kickboxing Workout

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Kickboxing classes Sydney CBD provide a simple workout that can get you massive results.  However, there are always effective ways to refine the kicks and punches we throw in class to get more power. The more the power, the better the workout. Also, more power means more chance of sustaining an injury so it is important to spend equal time refining your technique for safety purposes. If you get hurt, you will not be able to work out and this will defeat the purpose. Read on to learn some effective tips for a safer and better kickboxing workout.


Release the heel of your punching side

Doing this allows your hip to drive forward. It is important to pivot your hips when you punch. Releasing or lifting your heel allows your hips to shift without putting unnecessary stress on the ankles, knees or even your lower back. Because there is less resistance then you will be able to hit harder.


Keep the fist and arm relaxed throughout the punch

You should stay relaxed throughout your kickboxing technique and tighten at the contact point. This makes you move faster and speed is one of the top factors in generating power. Tensing at the impact moment helps you transfer power into the punching bag and stops you from extending your shoulder joints unnecessarily. When it comes to kicking, some rules apply, with your core tightening at impact to protect your spin. It is therefore important to relax as you return to your starting position.


Relax the shoulders to reduce neck strain when punching

During kickboxing classes, hands get heavy. You know you need to keep them up to add to your exercise but when the arms get tired, your shoulders will help out. Before knowing it, the straps will be cramping and your neck will be hurting. Your entire workout will suffer. You should therefore keep your shoulders relaxed and breathe deeply and shake your arms more often. It is a fitness class and not a fight club so no one will hit you if you need to drop your hands.


Keep your non-punching fist at your cheek throughout the movement

When it comes to keeping your hands up, a communication disconnect between the instructor and the student can happen. When the instructor says you keep your hands up, you should do so. However, when you put your hands on your waist, it will not get you an arm and shoulder workout. It will put your hands in a compromising position that could result in improper punching. This means that your hands should be up and out far away from your chest with your fists ready to move forward in a straight line.


Post and pivot during kicking

Kicks are common in kickboxing classes Sydney CBD and they are some of the most powerful techniques that can be used in kickboxing classes. Kicks engage the whole body in explosive and active movements that rock the heavy bags. It is possible to see a punching bag being knocked over by someone who is half its weight.



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