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Effective Tips On How to Work With a Digital Marketing Agency

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So you've decided to work with a Digital agency Wellington. Agencies provide a unique set of services, and here's how to get the most out of them. Some people like to think that ad tech has nowhere left to go, but the reality is nothing could be further from the truth. Over the past decade, agencies have made their mark in industries such as online properties and social media channels, including those that help power brands. However, it might be hard for some clients to decide on one agency in particular because they can offer something along every part of the digital marketing spectrum – whether that's digital solutions, old school techniques such as advertising, or devshop capabilities.

To get really good work out of a digital agency Wellington isn't all that different than getting really good work out of any other agency. But to get great work out of a digital agency, in particular, there are a few things to consider.

Tips On How to Work With a Digital Marketing Agency

Come Prepared

Clients with established brands always get the most value out of digital agencies. They don't need to spend time or money defining who they are in a specific digital space – because they know exactly who they are and what type of vibe/image/message they want to represent in their brand identity. Think about how you shape your identity across different platforms – billboards, TV spots, Facebook updates, Linkedln comments….etc. And if you don't have a well-thought-out brand that is clear on what type of vibe/image/message it wants to portray on the web, take some time to work through it with your agency. In the end, you'll be glad you did! 

Embrace Experimentation 

Innovation, in general, is something you should seek out and bring if you are indeed starting a digital agency. If your website is withstanding the test of time and things aren't exactly changing as fast as they used to, know that it might be time for a fresher look and new technology. This can greatly affect how your business runs, which is why you should never get complacent or decide on one set of rules for all departments. You always have to keep growing.

Dig Into The Data

With each website or mobile application, you will track and record everything about the users. You can learn when these people visit your site and from which country they are using it. You can even attach feelings to each user, like whether they like what is being done with the website or not. Having done this, you'll instantly get valuable information regarding who they are, what they believe in, what they want, etc. Additionally, you'll be aware of how every individual uses the website and where their focus lies at any time of day! 

Expect More Than Ads

Fact: a software engineer who isn't working at a digital agency to create web banners is capable of much more. Few companies understand this, but imagine if they did? Digital agencies can help companies solve creatively and technologically problems throughout their customers' journeys because they are well-versed in both fields! When discussing a project with your digital agency, request that they offer you more than just banners to meet your needs, and be aware that when you bring digital into the mix, you're no longer just paying for ads!

Encourage Collaboration 

When it comes to large projects, we can most likely agree that working together is better. What might come as a surprise is that this collaborative effort should happen as early on in the process as possible. It's difficult to tell a client that the app idea another agency pitched isn't going to work or isn't on-strategy, especially if they are an existing client. These situations can all be avoided if everyone involved sits down in the beginning and plans out the project properly right from the start. It's awkward but worth it when everyone sees eye-to-eye at this stage and gets fully invested in seeing their vision shared with the world! Also, when collaborating with other advertising agencies or design agency Wellington on larger cross-agency projects, it can all get very complicated if each team works separately rather than sharing ideas and brainstorming together as they should.  

As a client, encourage your digital agency Wellington to work with your media agency, ad agency, PR agency, etc. The sharing of knowledge and learnings from past projects, combined with each agency's expertise, can result in some incredible work.

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