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The practice of yoga in the daily routine is good for fitness and health. From the exercise of yoga will give numerous types of health benefits to your body. The regular practice of yoga is good for the entire health, and it will only take 15 minutes per day from your daily time. Once you begin the exercise of yoga poses in your daily routine, then you will see nuance changes in your body. But before you start yoga journey first concern with certified yoga master at Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh . It is best that you must take yoga master advice before you begin the practice of yoga in your daily routine. The yoga master gives you proper guidance and advice for better yoga training at home. Yoga is good for body fitness and health. It gives physical health benefits with mental health benefits. Overall, yoga is good for the entire body. From the exercise of yoga at home, you will see the effective and positive changes in your body. By this, you will easily get rid of stress and tension from your life. The yoga practice is a good form of exercise that you can do in your daily routine for better health of your body. Top yoga poses to practice at home: Child Pose From the practice of child pose in your daily life, you will not face the issue of stress and tension in your life. By the regular practice of this yoga pose, it improves the health of back and spine alignment. Once you begin the practice of this yoga pose in your life, then it gives you the benefit of relaxing the entire body. Downward Facing Dog This yoga pose is a good exercise that you can add in your yoga session. By the downward-facing dog pose practice, you will get the benefit of improving the blood circulation in the body. With the proper blood circulation in the body will lead to reducing stress and tension from the body. Mountain Pose This is a beginner yoga pose that you can start the practice at the beginning of your yoga session. At the Yoga TTC in India , you will learn yoga aspects and pos


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