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There’s no place like home. It’s arguably your biggest asset if you own a property. With the never slowing down rates of burglary, it is only wise that you secure where you call home. There are certain safety measures you can employ to burglar-proof your home and protect your loved ones. Just for you, I’ve put together a comprehensive list of tips for safeguarding your household against potential criminals. Here are some of them:

1. Lock Up

It seems obvious but the need to lock your doors cannot be stressed enough. This does not only include your front door. Your garage is equally important. Don’t be like people who assume that burglars won’t try to break in through the garage door or that only the dumb ones would try the front door. Secure your door with the best locks. Some of them include Schlage or Yale locks. You could as well go all out by getting a solid metal magnetic lock like an Evva MCS which has anti-drill measures. Other trusted brands to consider are Mul-T-Lock (MT5+ core), Medeco, and Assa Abloy.

2. Reinforce The Locks

After locking your doors, you can take things a step further by strengthening them against physical attacks. Don’t worry about being too paranoid, there’s nothing like being too safe. How can you reinforce your doors? Get 3-inch screws for your strike plate and hinges. These will latch onto the stud and stay sturdy against kicking attacks. Lace the lock hardware of the door with a metal sleeve insert and try out an extended steel strike plate that spans your entire door jamb.

3. Invest in Good Lighting

You should shine your light – both literally and figuratively. Installing efficient yard lighting is one of the most important steps in securing your home. You must ensure that your outdoor areas are well lit up. Trust me, no criminal wants to walk up to a door that’s fully flooded with light. Illuminating your house not only shows that there’s someone at home, but it also helps you and your neighbors quickly recognize any suspicious activity. Beyond your yard, you could also liaise with local officials to ensure that your street is well illuminated.

4. Get Motion Detectors

Still worried about intruders with all of these? Your next best bet is to equip your property with a quality home security system. You could install a high-tech alarm system that has built-in motion detectors. These detectors alert you immediately there’s any movement on your property. The best thing about this is that you can receive these alerts even when you’re not at home. What’s more? You get to choose which areas of your home need surveillance the most.

5. Burglar-proof Your Windows

It is also advisable to install burglar bars on the windows of your home. These bars will be fitted on the internal part of the window frame. If you’re looking to get extra security for your doors and windows, then this is a very good step to take. You can as well keep intruders out of your home by beefing up the security on your window. Fit your windows with safety glass or window laminate as an additional precaution.

6. Lock Interior Doors

It is not only enough to lock your doors on the outside, you should also lock the ones on the inside. This is also another worthy extra precaution. An interior door could be the one leading into your bedroom quarters. You should also try to lock your bedroom door at night. The Buddybar Door Jammer is a good choice for reinforcing your interior doors. This device withstands up to 2,560 pounds of force.

7. Get a Home Security System

A home alarm system helps you arm and disarm key locations of your house with just one push of a button. Sounds cool, yeah? You can even choose which of the locations would be on the alarm. Whether it’s your downstairs or upstairs area, you decide where to set the alarm. It gets even cooler- when the alarm goes off, a home security alarm system can tell you exactly where it got triggered. Besides this, home security systems produced today come with convenient and efficient features such as controlling your doorbell and security cameras right from your smartphone.

8. Install Security Cameras

Speaking of security cameras, they shouldn’t only be a thing in movies. You can very much install one in your home. Take note of strategic places around your home that give you a good view of what’s happening. These areas are the best options to place security cameras. The goal is for it to give you visual surveillance of your home all day whether you’re in your bedroom, at work, or even in another country.


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