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Step into the world of neoclassical interior design, and you'll find yourself surrounded by a blend of austerity, calm tones, and smooth, straight lines. This style exudes sophistication and aristocracy, reminiscent of the opulence found in palaces and castles. A neoclassical apartment is a showcase of chic, with expensive textiles, classic shapes, and carefully curated furniture that speaks volumes about its owner's refined taste.

In this article, we will explore the intricacies of designing a neoclassical apartment, with a focus on the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

Living room in a neoclassical apartment

The living room in a neoclassical apartment is austerity, with calm tones and straight and smooth lines. Sophistication and aristocracy are given through the use of particular furniture, which could be called chic. Chic is given by expensive textile details and classic shapes. It should look like furniture in palaces and castles.

In addition to the usual furniture that can be found in almost any interior of the hall, like sofas and armchairs, there should be additional characteristic furniture – poufs, a chest of drawers, or a sideboard. For the living room, designed in the neoclassical style, wardrobes are unacceptable. This is an entirely superfluous, too-heavy, and unrefined piece of furniture. 

In the design of the walls, calm, soft, and pastel colors are appropriate. Stucco molding is used as decoration, and white skirting boards are acceptable. Sometimes the walls are visually divided into two halves, making the upper one lighter and the lower one darker. In this case, to indicate the color border, you can use wooden panels and make stucco molding under the ceiling. 

To create a specific illumination, it is better to use several different light sources. These can be wall and table lamps, sconces, and pastel-colored lampshades. Lighting devices should be installed at several levels to create soft, diffused light. A good find for the living room of a neoclassical apartment is light bulbs in the form of a candle flame. 

For large rooms, 2-3 chandeliers are usually used, for small ones – one small one and several lamps on the walls. To increase the light output, the lamps can be placed symmetrically at the mirror. In such an interior and lighting, dark furniture with light upholstery made of leather or textile looks good.

Windows and doors are draped with several layers of fabric chosen to match the color of the furnishings. If there is no urgent need to separate the premises with doors, then replace them with arches. 

A bouquet of fresh or artificial flowers can serve as decoration for such a room. Just one bouquet, bright and chic, placed on a coffee table is enough. Avoid huge floor vases, do not clutter up the room with several bouquets. This room is designed for relaxation and a pleasant pastime, the eye should not constantly stumble upon annoying bright spots in the interior.

Neoclassical bedroom

The most eye-catching wall is at the head of the bed, so it is precisely its design that needs to be approached with special care. Stucco, both natural and made of polyurethane, is used as the main decoration for this zone. Stucco molding gives the bedroom of a neoclassical apartment an aristocratic chic and, at the same time, helps to create a romantic mood.

As for the color scheme, bright colors and strong contrasts are even less appropriate in the bedroom than in all other areas of the house. When decorating the bedroom of an apartment designed in a neoclassical style, take the selection of shades seriously.

You can also buy a bedroom set from several items made of natural and, if possible, valuable species of wood. This option will give maximum luxury and coziness, comfort, and tranquility. Sharp and broken lines, as well as bright and strongly contrasting colors, are unacceptable.

For lighting, devices with soft, warm, diffused light located at different heights are suitable. During the day, the bedroom should be well-lit by daylight from the three pane window.

The highlights of such a bedroom can be:

  • various kinds of stucco details, gilded vases, arched construction, paintings
  • textiles – silk, velvet, cotton
  • carpet with a long pile, a calm pastel color, plain or with a floral pattern

In the bedroom of a neoclassical apartment, mirrored or glass walls, Venetian plaster, natural stone, and marble flooring look advantageous.

Neoclassical apartment kitchen design

The advantage of the neoclassical style is that it never goes out of style. The use of natural materials creates the kitchen of your dreams that will never be outdated. But there is also a minus – the neoclassical-style kitchen looks perfect only in reasonably spacious rooms with high ceilings.

In addition, neoclassicism is quite picky about the choice of materials and does not accept:

  • linoleum or hardboard
  • LED backlight
  • plastic panels
  • uncovered shelving

The decoration of the kitchen in a neoclassical apartment can be made of marble, stone, and wood. As for colors, light tones, beige shades, bright notes – blue and pink light tones, gilding is optimal. Light green is undesirable, as it introduces notes of country style and can lead to style confusion.

Since the kitchen in a neoclassical apartment imposes severe restrictions on the choice of materials for decoration, it is necessary to think about the placement of household appliances in advance so that they fit organically into the set.

It is optimal if there is a dining table in the center, and the rest of the interior is already formed around it. A chandelier is appropriate above the table and as a frame for the table – directly a set with appliances and work surfaces. It is permissible to separate the working area with a bar counter.

Bathroom in a neoclassical apartment

In the decoration of the bathroom in a neoclassical apartment, only calm and moderate tones are used, natural shades are preferred – beige, milky, gray, and blue. This allows you to create a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. Brown colors are also acceptable.

In the bathroom, as in other areas of the neoclassical apartment, it is better to avoid contrasts. This applies to the finish in general and the pattern on the facing materials. The only surface where contrast is allowed is the black and white tiled floor. But at the same time, the main color should be white, so we immediately exclude the chessboard option from the list of possible ones.

In the bathroom, natural stone is acceptable, such as onyx, marble, and light travertine. But you need to understand that such a finish, even for a small room, is expensive. With limited funds, natural materials can be replaced with artificial ones as long as they are not of low quality. 

You should not save on the furniture that you put in the bathroom in a neoclassical apartment. Furniture should be made of expensive materials, always with a glossy surface. Also, the surface of the countertop or sink can be made of natural stone. But you need to understand that the stone quickly absorbs moisture, and therefore it is somewhat capricious in care.

A bathroom in a neoclassical apartment allows the use of decorative elements, but not in too large quantities. As a rule, a mirror framed by a wide stucco frame acts as a detail that combines functionality and decorative function. In addition, a large mirror visually increases the area of ​​the room, which is extremely important for small bathrooms in standard apartments. Much attention should be paid to the lighting system. A chandelier with crystal elements is required, as well as vintage wall lighting. It is possible to use imitation candles.


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