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Those who travel frequently can make their rides enjoyable by owning a unit of Dethleffs motorhomes. These RVs help travellers save on parking fees and lodging expenses during long trips. Yet, it requires research and caution to get a campervan fit for a user. Some campervans may look good inside out but have incomplete amenities. Others may be spacious but may demand expensive maintenance. The rest may be highly recommended, which may add to the confusion of selecting the best kind.

Hence, it’s only practical to identify a few elements that make a campervan worth purchasing. By paying attention to such elements, a buyer would feel utmost satisfaction with the new vehicle.  


It does. But bigger isn’t always better. The sizes of Dethleffs motorhomes are typically based on berth (3 berth, 4 berth, and so on), which refers to the number of people who can sleep in the vehicle. However, it’s not always quite as simple as making the number of berths equal the number of passengers. There are many times when it’s going to save you a world of hassle and annoyance to have a bit of extra space. If you’re travelling with four adults, for example, definitely consider hiring a 6 berth motorhome to ensure that you’re not constantly stepping on each other’s toes. There will be other times then a diminutive 2 berth will be perfect – a long weekend getaway with just you and your partner, for example. A smaller motorhome gives you more flexibility regarding where you can stay and can often be the cheaper option both in terms of campsites and hire.


Everyone has a different travel style. Some love the feeling of journeying light; the buzz of a Spartan adventure excites them. Others prefer all the luxuries of home (and then some) when taking a vacation – after all, a holiday should be about treating yourself, right? Dethleffs Esprit  motorhomes have different levels of luxury available so it’s good to find one that suits all your needs. Having access to your private toilet is a deal-breaker for some holidaymakers. In contrast, for others, it’s the kitchen facilities that are paramount. However, you like to vacation, make sure that the motorhome you hire suits your particular preferences.


Suppose you passed your UK driving test on or after 1 January 1997. You haven’t taken an additional test to get the full entitlement. In that case, you will only legally be allowed to drive any vehicle with a maximum weight of 3,500kg. That’s the law, and it will mean that some of the bigger and heavier motorhomes are off-limits to you. Those who want to drive a motorhome legally can take an additional test to give the full entitlement (up to 7.5 tonnes) of licences from tests taken on or before 1 January 1997.

Speed limit

Do bear in mind that larger vehicles/motorhomes with an unladen weight of more than 3.05 tonnes have a lower speed limit on single and dual carriageways. You should also consider how much ‘payload’ there is for all the stuff you will be tempted to take with you, especially if the motorhome has one of those large ‘garages’ at the back that could so easily tempt you to fill all that space available. That said, when shopping for a Dethleffs Advantage, be sure to examine its load capacity because it ensures your and others’ safety, legal compliance and confirms vehicle warranty.

Specific needs

Many people don’t really know what they’re looking for beyond one or two specific details. They might know how many beds they want their new Adria motorhomes to have, but not how long or wide they would prefer the vehicle was. It’s recommended to do a checklist. List down everything you want your Dethleffs Globetrotter motorhome to have, including your desired specifications. You can split your checklist into two. One section for the ‘must-haves’, and another for the ‘nice-to-haves’ (for more luxury items, such as a TV and reversing camera).

Recommendations from experts

Have a specific motorhome in mind that you’re thinking about buying? Unless you’re a motorhome veteran, you probably won’t know everything there is to know about a particular motorhome. This applies even if you’ve already done your research thoroughly. So the best thing to do is read the reviews. Professional motorhome reviewers can be found online, or in motorhome magazines. Read as many motorhome reviews as you can because it will serve as a Dethleffs Advantage before buying one. You might find they reaffirm your belief that it will prove to be a good choice. They might suggest one or two problems with the vehicle, but whether they bother you is another matter. As well as the pros, you should also check out amateur reviews online to get people’s opinions in a similar position to you.

Checking several elements before buying Dethleffs motorhomes can prevent regrets and disappointments. Yet getting the perfect campervan can be challenging. You can use the factors mentioned above as a checklist when shopping around. By taking into account the listed elements, the process of recognising the best vehicle would be stress-free. It would also lead to finding the vehicle certified to deliver top performance. Certainly, it could only come from reputable brands that have proven their quality over the years.

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