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Mostmen and women face temporary hair loss that may occur due to severalreasons like chronic disease, medications, seasonal changes, improperdiet, stress, hairstyle, and side effects of hair products. Apartfrom these reasons, your genes and hormones are responsible forcausing genetic hair loss or male pattern baldness. If you are facinggenetic hair loss, you need proper Hair Loss Treatment in Ahmedabad . 

Hairtransplant surgery is the best option for hair loss treatment. Inthis treatment, your own baldness-resistant hairs are used for thesurgery. These hairs grow in the sides and back of the head and donot fall due to male pattern baldness. 

Hairtransplant surgeons pull out hair grafts from the back and sides ofthe head and transplant these hairs to the recipient areas. 

Hairtransplant provides satisfactory results but you need to find out areliable doctor for the surgery. 

Moreover,you need to be perfectly eligible for the surgery. Your surgeon willcheck your scalp and hair before the surgery to make sure you deservehair transplant surgery. 

Mainlythe following factors are considered to decide your candidacy for thetreatment:


Aswe have mentioned above, the back and two sides of your head areimportant for  hair transplant since this region growsBaldness-resistant hairs. 

Therefore,before the surgery, the surgeon will check your donor area forgetting healthy hair grafts. 

Ifthe hairs are not sufficient to cover the scalp, it is hard to getfavorable results.  


Beforeyou finally decide to have the hair transplant surgery, it isnecessary to have realistic expectations. However, hair transplantsurgery will yield good results but the success after the surgerydepends on the characteristics of your own hair and skills of thesurgeon. 

Progressionof baldness:

Accordingto the Norwood scale, the progression of baldness is divided intoseven main stages. Every next stage shows a more severe condition ofthe scalp. Naturally, the seventh stage is the most severe stage ofmale pattern baldness. 

Progressionof baldness is responsible to shrink the donor area. Therefore, ifyou are at your 6 or 7thstage of baldness, your surgeon has to struggle to find outsufficient hairs on the donor area. 

Therefore,you need to visit the clinic at correct time to restore your scalp. 


Yourhealth condition is also a vital factor to ensure successful resultsafter the surgery. Your surgeon will check your health conditionbefore the surgery. You need to tell you about any prescribedmedication since some medicines may conflict with the medicines givenby the hair transplant surgeon. 


Itis sure the success of a hair transplant depends on the skills ofyour Hair Doctor in Ahmedabad.However, your candidacy also plays a vital role in hair transplantsurgery. 

Visitthe clinic with a highly motivated mind and realistic expectationssince a positive mindset is essential for proper hair loss treatment.

Ifyou wish to have proper hair loss treatment, you may visit theAvenues Hair Clinic In Ahmedabad.This clinic is a reliable place for surgical hair loss treatment. 

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