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Elon Musk is like his own genie, making wishes and fulfillingthem, regardless of what the world thinks. The good news is, the world thinkshis ideas are really cool. Often taking the contents of his genius mind toTwitter, Musk keeps amusing the world with fun and funny ideas and often bringsthem to reality too. After the Boring Company, which was founded as a joke andthen got down to the serious business of boring, the next big thing by the ex-Paypalmagnate has to do with tequila. What started as an April Fool’s Day joke twoyears ago, has finally taken wings and how!

Say hello to Teslaquilla, a tequila from Tesla packed in areally cool, lightning bolt-shaped bottle. With the bottle evoking a feeling ofspeed and agility, it really puts the onus of faster alcohol delivery on us inmore ways than one, but we are more than delighted to oblige. While the productis in the markets, and to be fair even temporarily out of it by this point intime, the story of how it came into being is a rather interesting one.

On April 1, 2018, a tweet that had Musk passed out in front of aTesla with a cardboard hoarding saying “Bankwupt” elicited the interest of theTweeple; and also created a serious albeit momentary dent in Telsa’s stockvalues. Later that year, Musk tried to trademark the drink and was successfultoo. And while the world forgot all about it because the world does forget allabout everything in this day and age of ever-changing trends, Musk really hadit on his mind all along. The result has been astonishing and just like that,Tesla is now a certified tequila brand as well. This, of course, came with itsshare of struggles when the Tequila Regulatory Council in Mexico frowned uponthe name of the brand, stating that it shifts the focus from the name of thebeverage and is detrimental to tequila as a brand in itself. We aren’t reallysure about that bit though; besides, the name does sound pretty cool to us butthat’s just our take.

If you are a seasoned tequila aficionado, you might say, “Huh,the liquor stores open near me have plenty of good stuff that I love and in anycase, I don’t want a drink made by an automobile manufacturer.” And if thatreally was the case, we would have agreed too and wouldn’t even have writtenthis article. But our research tells us that instead of producing tequila intheir spare time when they’re bored of making electric cars, the folks at Teslahave handed it over to the experts. According to their official website, theTeslaquilla is manufactured by Nosotros Tequila. If you haven’t heard ofNosotros Tequila, you might want to order Tequila online a little morefrequently and try them out. Nosotros Tequila is a brand of tequila giantsDestiladora del Valle de Tequila and has a huge reputation among the seasoned drinkers of the Mexican beverage.

The flavors of this new drink are pretty fresh and balanced, andwe think it is bound to be a great hit. If we were to quote the website,Teslaquilla is an “agave tequila auejo aged in French oak barrels and has a dryfruit and light vanilla nose with a balanced cinnamon pepper finish.” Well,that does sound like something. Add the charm of the very excitinglightning-bolt bottle and what you have is a brand new drink with somethingextra that will have all heads turning both figuratively and literally!

Our speculation has a solid backing of facts too. You see afterits launch on November 5, the $250 bottles were sold out within hours. Andalthough the bottles are currently available only in select states includingCalifornia, New York, and Washington, liquor store delivery might make itpossible for people staying in nearby places to secure a bottle for themselves.Talking about the bottle alone, the empty container is already selling at highprices on eBay and as always, the internet has us in awe of what people arereally ready to splurge on an empty bottle.

The rate at which the bottles have been sold out is far greaterthan the rate at which Teslaquilla will be able to fulfill the demand, at leastin the initial phase. It goes without saying that this won’t hurt the companymuch because a higher demand and lesser supply actually makes the product athing of rarity. The drink has been all the rage on Twitter for a couple ofweeks, and we reckon it would continue to rule the internet, at least untileveryone has had their fill. When would that happen? We don’t really know.

However, we would say fret not, because although there’s nosolid information on when would Tesla begin the liquor delivery to US statesthat allow shipping of alcohol, the website suggests that it would begin doingthis actively by late 2020. Considering the fact that late 2020 is here alreadyand we possibly can’t be any later than this without slipping into the newyear, we have grounds to believe that we would be able to deliver you the nextbig thing in the world of tequila real soon.

At $250 apiece, the bottle is something that everyone would loveto own, and when we have our hands on it, we will be working relentlessly tohave your most-awaited liquor delivered to you, as soon as we can, andhopefully, make your Christmas nicer! Here’s a complete list of the stateswhere Teslaquilla will be available for starters: Alabama, Arizona, California,Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Idaho,Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi,Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma,Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington,Wisconsin.

Dolet us know what you think about this newest liquor in the markets!

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