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Blogging is one of the most desired ways to promote your thoughts, ideas, and experiences through content. Email marketing for bloggers can be an effective strategy to grow your audience if you do it perfectly.

Email marketing is a tested channel of marketing that is responsible to bring a massive return on investment. According to the stats, email marketing can give you an ROI of $42 for every $1 spent. With the arrival of email marketing automation tools, marketing through emails has become handy.

You can design your blog newsletters, and send them to the users. Writing a great blog can do nothing unless you share it with your users. There are several ways to share your blog with the audience. Some bloggers commit the mistake that they rely on social media only to promote their blogs.

Email marketing is nothing new to people. It is being used for decades, and with the advent of marketing automation tools, the marketing process has evolved. No matter you are a new blogger or doing it for a while, email marketing is equally beneficial for you.

There are more than of the world's population that uses email, and ignoring this huge market potential can be harmful to you.

Now the question arises, of how a blogger can do email marketing for a blog, which we shall discuss in this article. Stay tuned!

Benefits of Email Marketing for Bloggers

Email marketing is highly advantageous for being cost-effective and bringing the required results. One of the most important benefits of email marketing is that it gives you a 4200% return on investment. Being a blogger, it would not be a great thing to ignore huge market and ROI. Email marketing can dramatically increase your web traffic.

email marketing for bloggers | Mumara

All you need is to use a reliable email marketing automation tool that comes up with all the relevant features including readymade email templates, Drag & Drop Builder/HTML Editor, email list segmentation facility, email list management, etc. For that reason, several marketing automation tools such as HubSpot, Mumara, MailerLite, etc. are available to provide you with all the facilities of blogs email campaign sending.

Other than huge ROI, email marketing for bloggers gives you an opportunity to connect to a larger audience wherever they locate. Moreover, when you send email campaigns to users, you can send personalized emails using dynamic content tags.

Unlike other channels of marketing such as social media, electronic, and print media, email marketing helps you develop a permanent relationship with your prospects. Giving a personalized experience to the users can make an ordinary customer your loving fan.

How to Do Email Marketing for Bloggers

In the above discussion, we have learned enough about email marketing for bloggers and the benefits of email marketing for bloggers. Now is the time to discuss how to do email marketing rightly for your blog that brings a lot of traffic for you.

Here are some of the tactics that can be followed to increase traffic for your blog.

Build an Email List

Building an appropriate email list is the first step to making your email marketing for bloggers successful. Some of the bloggers purchase an email list to do email marketing for bloggers. That is not good practice.

build email list

The reason behind this is that when you use a purchased email list, there are chances that other email senders might also have purchased that email list. Upon receiving too many emails from the senders they didn’t subscribe for the subscribers on the mailing list get annoyed.

Once they get annoyed, they either delete your emails without opening them up or report you as spam. The bottom line is that you should grow your email list to send your blog newsletters for more web traffic.

Keep Your Email List Healthy

Some of the users accidentally subscribe to the mailing list but they didn’t feel interested to see your emails. You need to keep an eye on the email campaign stats. You need to washout these subscribers from your email list for more open and click-through rates.

Email marketing is all about quality instead of quantity. It means sending your email campaign to let’s suppose 100 subscribers where there are only 70 interested to receive it. It is better to send it to 70 instead of 100.

Make Your Emails Personalized

In order to increase traffic for your blog, send personalized emails to the recipients. People of today are more conscious to receive personalized emails instead of generic ones. According to the stats, personalized emails increase the open rate by up to 35%.

email personalization | Mumara

When a recipient receives a personalized email in the mailbox, he opens it up for two reasons. Either he thinks that the email is specially crafted for him, or on the other hand, he thinks that the email sender knows something about it.

Use a Reliable Email Marketing Automation Tool

Choosing a reliable email marketing automation tool is the key to success for your email marketing for bloggers. While choosing a marketing automation tool, make sure it possesses all the features you need.

You will be needing email list management system, email list segmentation, A/B testing, Drag & Drop Builder and HTML Editor, readymade email templates, a tracking system, and real-time reporting.

For all these features in one place, we suggest you use Mumara which helps you design your email campaign and send it to the targeted audience.


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