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The experts give email marketing a resemblance to an old friend. They say that sometimes we do feel bored with it, but at the end of the day, you realize that you can depend on it. Due to this dependability, many marketers use this method to hit the market hard.

Table of Contents

  1. Is email marketing beneficial today?
  2. How do you gauge the effectiveness of email marketing?
    • Perfect subject line
    • Make your message effective
    • Make your email campaign mobile friendly
  3. Email marketing for better results
    • Segmentation
    • Give your audience due value
    • Email coupons and discounts
  4. Conclusion

Although many methods of marketing are invested over time according to the requirements and needs. But due to many factors and benefits, email marketing is still the best. When we see the facts and figures, we see that around 70 percent of people like to get communicate through email.

Regardless of many advantages and the interest of people in email marketing, people sometimes do not get the full fruit of it due to a lack of planning and strategy. That is the reason, market experts say that whenever you think of sending an email campaign, you need to spend a reasonable time on the table before you relay a campaign.

With the advent of marketing automation, clients have become more sophisticated as they like customized emails. Now, if you make design an email campaign fit for all, you will regret sending it because the open and click-through rate will remain low.

Is Email Marketing Beneficial Today?

You might have heard several times that ‘email is dead. These are the claims that are made by marketers who do not know how to even use email marketing. Now technology has improvised over time and people are shifted to artificial intelligence to get more and more benefits.

If we talk about the advertisement in the past, it was done by the town criers who tell the people about something new. With the passage of time new methods of communication i.e., radio, television, and newspaper were discovered. And people shifted themselves to these mass media channels to tell about their products.

Gradually, electronic mail comes into the market and one-to-one communication becomes the talk of the town. The email marketing comes and it engulfed all the scenarios positively where one message was sent to the many to get connected with the audience. Now, it is the best method of marketing because it gives you the highest return on investment (ROI).

According to the stats, you can get $42 for every 1 dollar spent. Email marketing is bright like a day where and it works if you plan your email marketing strategy in the best possible manner.

How Do You Gauge the Effectiveness of Email Marketing?

Email marketing is exceedingly effective for all types of businesses. Whether you have a startup or a developed business, you can rely on this method to penetrate the hearts of your clients. According to surveys, 79 percent of the businessmen are of the view that email marketing is very effective for businesses.

Moreover, around sixty percent of millennials say that email marketing is best if you do it with the perfect strategies. On the other hand, only 26 percent say that email marketing is ineffective. The effectiveness of email marketing cannot be gauged until you define parameters.

In this regard, the two most discussed parameters can be implemented i.e. open rate and click-through rate. These two factors will be improved as per your email marketing strategy. If you do not plan your strategy well, you will see a major decrease in open and CTR. A marketer who looks forward to getting these rates high they have to work on the following factors:

Perfect Subject Line

A subject line is just like the trailer of a movie. If a trailer cannot get the attention of the viewers, the movie will not get the attention by and large. The same is the case with the subject line of the email. A well-designed subject line is fully capable of giving you all the results you look for.

In this respect, email automation tools such as Mailchimp, Mumara, Sendinblue, etc. are fully capable of helping you design a customized email marketing campaign with the perfect subject line that is tailored for the public. Many email marketing experts are using this method to attract the maximum audience.

We see many emails in our inbox and we open one that gives us some thoughts. That is the reason, there are many that are never opened and some of them we delete even without opening it up. So, you have to make it highly attractive and standardized to make it the best fit for the users.

Make Your Message Effective

An effective message has many factors that we need to look into. For example, it looks dull if send an email with too many images or too much text. Users are not ready to read long and boring messages. here you need to follow Shakespeare who says that ‘brevity is the soul a wit’ it means that a long message needs to be summarized in a shorter form.

Not only this, you have to make the message light and right for them. Instead of making it boring, you need to add a humorous factor. For that reason, you do not need to be a comedian, rather you have to keep your message light. A tense message will divert the attention of the reader and you will lose your audience.

Make Your Email Campaign Mobile Friendly

Today, most people use mobile phones to read messages. The days are gone when people used desktops for likewise tasks. Now, it is easy to read a message on a mobile phone because you can read it anytime anywhere.

For that purpose, most people read the message mostly when they get up in the morning or they go to bed. So, if your message is not responsive and mobile-friendly, you will regret sending your email campaign.

Email Marketing for Better Results

When people say that the required results are not coming out of the email campaign, we suggest they recheck their email marketing strategy. There are two types of approaches when we send an email campaign. On one hand, we send an email campaign with the best strategy where we do everything to get the best results.

On the other hand, we send a campaign without taking the recipients’ interests into consideration and here we do not get the results. An email campaign with the right strategy needs some attention and universal rules that you need to look at.

These rules are not written anywhere, rather these are the rule of thumb that almost all marketers are aware of. Some of them are as under:


Segmentation of your email list is of high importance because you can get predefined results. An email that you are going to send is one person might not be suitable for the other due to several reasons. These reasons might include taste, interest, likes, and dislikes. Some of the other factors might be age, job title, demographics, and purchase history.

This is important because the email inboxes are overflowing with 333 billion emails daily as per the stats. For example, if you are a medical company, which age factor will be good for your email campaign? You will more likely to send an email campaign to an audience that will be older in age. The reason behind it is that there are great chances that young people will not open your emails.

Give Your Audience Due Value

When we go shopping, where do we prefer to shop? We go to the shop where we get valued. The easiest way to understand this phenomenon is that you need to think like a customer. Therefore, make your audience feel at home when they get connected with you.

When a user subscribes to your newsletter, you need to give him importance by sending a welcome message. According to data, 65 percent of the users expect a welcome email as soon as they subscribe to your newsletter.

In this newsletter, you can tell your user about your company and make them feel comfortable. What will make your image broken? It will be so when you act like a pushy salesman.

Email Coupons and Discounts

People are always behind discounts when they go shopping. Not only this if someone does not feel any mood for shopping at the specific time, but as soon as he receives a free coupon or discount, he will rush towards your shop.

It is always recommended to send discount offers and free coupons to potential customers. These customers are very helpful in building your business because they push their friends and family to make purchases from your brand.


To conclude, we can say that email marketing is not dead when we do it according to some suitable email marketing strategies. Not only this, you need to go for the best email marketing automation platform that gives you wings.

If you are doing email marketing and not getting the results, you need to rethink your plan to interact with your audience.



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