We all use email, which can be a vital medium for companies to communicate with their existing and prospective customers. However, to run a successful email campaign, you might need an email marketing tool. There are several tools available but only a few are reliable. We'd listed the best email marketing tools for free, in this post.

An interesting fact: email marketing has an ROI of 3800%. At the same time, it is an easy way for companies to inform their customers and collaborators about their new deals, new discounts, new projects, and company news, among other updates. 

5 Reasons Why Brands Must Engage in Email Marketing

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Brands often look for new mediums to communicate and stay in touch with their leads and customers. Consequently, email can be an effective medium to reach everyone individually and convey the brand message.

Let's learn about five reasons why brands must engage in email marketing.  

1. Personalized content for every user 

On the majority of social media applications, the brands curate content for a big chunk of the audience, leaving less chance to personalize messages. But, personalized messages can create a better impact as it relates to the needs of every user individually. So, emails offer an excellent chance to personalize content by adding the receiver's name, which brings a high click-through rate.    

2. Boost sales

A common aim for marketing campaigns and strategies is to boost a brand's sales. So, email marketing gives you a chance for it by adding your products and their details in the email content. This attracts the reader to make a purchase. Also, it offers an accessible medium to give details on new discounts, deals, and other offers.  

3. Affordable advertising

Marketing and a few digital marketing practices can be expensive for brands. But, email advertising can be an affordable option. You just need to pay the professional who curated the content and send it along with the specialized email Marketing tool you intend to use. Unlike pay-per-click advertising, where you pay for every click, or Facebook ads, where you pay to place ads, there is no need to pay for every email.  

4. Increase website traffic

Every brand engages in SEO to rank its website higher. Email advertising can be a great alternative as you can provide a CTA with your email to drive website traffic. In the CTAs, you can include a website link or encourage users to sign up or download the page. 

5. Connect with mobile users 

There is no doubt that the number of mobile users has increased. At the same time, users access and use their email through mobiles. So, email marketing can prove to be a great way to reach and connect with mobile users. 

These are a few reasons why engaging in marketing can benefit brands. Consequently, let us tell you the best 10 free email marketing tools. 

Top 10 Email Marketing Tools for Free 

1. Mailchimp

Are you a small business looking for a comprehensive email marketing tool? If so, Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing tools for free, designed for brands that use email as a medium to reach their target audiences. It allows users to create email lists and custom email templates and automate the campaign.  

You can use this web-based application that is like a web browser. So, there is no need to download or install any heavy software. Additionally, Mailchimp has an analytical feature where you can track the performance of your email campaigns. This tool allows users to easily make custom email campaigns without expertise in HTML or other programming languages. 

Also, there are ready-made layouts for various email campaigns. You can make a custom-designed Mailchimp template from scratch with HTML too. The automation feature of MailChimp allows users to automate the entire email marketing activity and email-based sales funnel too.  

Other Features 
Marketing automation 
Email builder 
A/B Testing 
Data integration 
Data storage 

2. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is another on our list of the best email marketing tools for free that brands use to create and nurture meaningful relationships. The comprehensive digital marketing platform is meant for business-to-business and business-to-customer digital marketing models. You can easily make digital marketing campaigns, do transaction messaging, and automate campaigns. 

Unlike many other tools for corporations and big enterprises, this tool is ideal for small and growing SMEs. Sendinblue allows for social media marketing too.

The tool has an easy interface to create an email contact list and send it to them. Moreover, a mobile interface is available that makes it easy to use. For advanced automation purposes, there is a web tracking and lead scoring system for accurate metrics. 

The Sendinblue plug-in has an 80k installation on WordPress that offers a smooth user experience. Also, the free plan of this tool comes with a sales CRM that would benefit e-commerce brands.  

Other  Features 
Laser-focused Segmentation 
Personalized content 
A/B Testing 
Send time optimization 

3. Mailjet

Mailjet is another preferred email marketing tool among e-commerce brands. It is an ideal choice when you want to offer a newsletter service affordably. Countless companies use this tool for sending promotional and transactional emails. Mailjet provides a chance to create, manage and segment contact lists easily. 

It is a user-friendly email marketing tool that allows for collaborative email editing that is unique, and it's easy to set up. For its new multi-user collaboration feature, the brands, marketers, and developers can work on email marketing together. This includes comments, lock sections, and a template validation process. 

In terms of security, mailjet's SSL and TLS certificates ensure your data is encrypted. So, there is no chance for intervention from any third party to get access. You don't need to hire a technically sound person as it's an easy set for marketers or other employees.  

Other Features 
Option for personalization 
Chance to expand your contact list 
A/B Testing 
Automatic email-sending feature 

4. HubSpot

HubSpot is a popular name in the digital marketing industry for small businesses. They provide various services like email, websites, SEO, marketing automation, blogging, social media, and much more.

In terms of email marketing, HubSpot offers a variety of different features and services. You can create emails, schedule and draft emails, filter contacts for a particular campaign, and search for specific emails while planning the campaign.  

Also, it gives explicitly a chance to export the email information and view the recently edited and created emails for analyzing their performance. For metrics, Hubspot offers options to edit columns, bounce rate, delivery rate, and other tools. If you want to plan email campaign schedules, you can create schedules for up to a year.

Moreover, it has a unique feature where if a lead unsubscribes your emails, the tool shows a chance to prevent getting emails on particular topics. So this prevents a permanent unsubscribe and gives an idea of the preference of leads. 

Other Features 
Detailed analytics 
Option for personalization 
Email integration and tracking 

5. Zoho Corporation

Zoho has been used by countless companies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers for email marketing. This tool offers a chance to easily create responsive email designs and customize messages to make the best impression on your leads.

You will have a better chance of landing your email in the inbox of your contact list with a high-deliverability rate for better success of your campaigns.

A striking feature of Zoho is the chance to implement dynamic personalization, where you can change your email content, image, and CTAs. At the same time, you can include other interactive elements like polls, surveys, and Gifs to make it more appealing. Alongside this, there is an A/B Testing feature.

Another essential feature is abandoned carts, where you can remind a customer to purchase after they place items in a shopping cart in the mail. Also, you can engage with existing customers using the workload feature to enhance relationships with them.  

Other features 
Pre-designed templates 
A/B Testing 
Trigger automated workflow 

6. Sendpulse 

Sendpulse is another email marketing platform for small businesses to execute email marketing campaigns successfully. Its robust automation makes it a preferred option among marketers and brands. The tool successfully enables expert marketers to create suitable, specific, and personalized email campaigns. 

Sendpulse has various other services like push and SMS notifications with email marketing. In terms of content management, you can copy and paste contacts to create your mailing lists and use advanced filters to segment them. This makes it helpful in running targeted email campaigns. 

The tool has a unique feature of rating email ids. Consequently, it allows you to identify and eliminate email IDs that have low quality. However, it's helpful to tailor and custom-create your email content relevant to customer data and behavior.

Sendpluse allows the addition of criteria and variables easily to the subject line for more effectiveness. Furthermore, it helps to divide categories into newsletters, product updates, offers, festive greetings, etc.

Other features  
Third-party integration 
Data import/export 

7. Mailerlite

Mailerlite is a popular email marketing tool for advanced email marketers. It has pre-designed content blocks rather than pre-designed templates to use in your newsletter services. This allows advanced marketers to make new campaigns and custom templates easily. 

The tool has a unique countdown feature that will remind you about the time left for the launch of your next campaign to begin. This tool can easily add product details and video links, making it a dynamic interactive tool.

There is an option for robust automation and Segmentation of contacts in its free plan. Also, their free plan has many other impressive features, like a landing page builder and single trigger automation. 

Furthermore, the tool gives a Good performance in deliverability tests with maximum chances that your emails land in their inbox. The tool also has an email page builder where you can design a custom landing page with Mailerlite as your host or domain. Consequently, you can sell digital products easily there. 

Other features 
Collect leads 
Building websites 
Create targeted emails 

8. EmailOctopus

EmailOctopus is an easy-to-use email marketing tool ideal for amateurs or other employees. So, it's a combination of simplicity and smooth performance. You can design, launch and manage custom email content with its drag-and-drop editor. To ease your work, its automation feature can be used to schedule daily sequential deliveries of promotional emails and newsletters. Consequently,  you will not have to take time daily to send emails.

The tool will give you a chance to embed form links in your website where you can collect visitor details to make them into subscribers. Consequently, when you send emails to those subscribers emails relevant to their age, gender and place by using filters of the tool then, the content will be more relatable and effective for them.

Overall, this tool has all the required features for email marketing and detailed metrics like tracking open, click and bounce rates through reports and analytics to measure the campaign's performance.

Other Features 
Email creation from scratch 
Track analytics 
Integration with third-party applications 

9. Benchmark Email

How about an email marketing tool with a high deliverability rate? Benchmark Email marketing tool is an excellent alternative with a high-deliverability rate. This free tool is perfect for small enterprises and freelancers who have just started their journey. It gives you a chance to have unlimited contacts in your list.

The tool has a simplified email newsletter-sending process that has a simple interface. Also, you can use the tool to capture leads and grow sales of your brand. Benchmark email offers the flexibility to integrate other email tools for use. Also, the drag-and-drop email builder for making custom email content that makes is a preferred choice.  

Other Features 
Strong customer service 
Advance feature set 
Easy-to-use interface 
Code editor and custom colors 

10. Omnisend

Omnisend is an email marketing tool with a simple and intuitive interface making it suitable for beginners. This user-friendly tool takes a few minutes to sign up with straightforward onboarding. The tool has an automatic workforce feature where you can make custom emails or use pre-built templates. 

Another feature of using omnisend is that it prevents you from juggling between multiple channels to reach your customers. The tools for easy integration of social media, SMS messages, and online presence under this one centralized platform.

If you encounter any problem, the tool has 24/7 support through online chat or emails with real humans and not automatic robots, which makes it find a place on this list.  

Other Features 
2-way messaging 
AB testing 


Every business, including SMEs, startups, and freelancers, needs email marketing to enhance their website traffic and online sales, maintain relationships with customers and convert leads.

It is the best way to individually communicate with customers, inform them about brand news, and wish them special occasions. But this can be a difficult and time-consuming task.

Consequently,  these top 10 email marketing tools for free can help to build contact lists, create email content, schedule emails and track their performance for the best results from email marketing campaigns.

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