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With rapid modernization, there is a huge crowd that keeps scrolling their social media accounts all day long.  Social media platforms have become a vital part of everyone’s life.

Facebook is the oldest social media platform that was launched years ago, to make communication between people across the globe easy and entertaining.

Facebook has evolved itself in many fields within these years and has reached the pinnacle of its feat by gaining the maximum number of active users. Reviews over Facebook are vital for any brand or website.

Embedding Facebook reviews widget on your official website can drive great attention to your brand.

Learn about Facebook reviews!

Now talking about reviews, they are the best example of User-Generated content and the best weapon for a brand to build social trust in the market.

As facebook owns a large number of users, it believes that users’ reviews are an important factor in encouraging the visitors to check your brand out. 

Facebook reviews primarily refer to the feedback from your consumers. These feedbacks can be in the form of any media or it can also be textual. Whatever is their form, the main objective is to spread awareness about any brand or product, by the consumers for their peers.

Why should you embed Facebook review widgets on your website?

It is already acknowledged that Facebook reviews are User-Generated content and are posted voluntarily by the consumers. They own a great trust factor of the visitors as they are considered to be unbiased and unpolished.

Facebook reviews can be made easily accessible for the visitors from your official website just by the push of a button. This button feature is termed as Facebook widgets. Facebook widgets collectively hold all the relevant Facebook feeds that can be directly accessed from your website.

Embedding Facebook reviews widgets to your website not only increases your chances of gaining more engagement but also shows the loyalty of your company to its customers.

Some of its benefits are listed below:

  • Increases the credibility of your brand.

  • Increases user engagement.

  • Increases website vibrancy.

  • Decreases bounce rate.

Best tools to embed Facebook review widgets on your website

We are known for the importance of embedding Facebook review widgets to a website. Let’s see how we can embed Facebook review widgets on your website. Listed below are some amazing tools, you can analyze them all and choose the best one for your website.

  1. Tagembed

Tagembed is a perfect social media aggregator tool for embedding Facebook review widgets to your website. Be it a big enterprise or a small brand, users’ reviews are important for both of them to grow. Tagembed helps you in increasing your visitors’ engagement by making your website very interesting and attractive.

It follows a coding-free technique, hence making it easier for everyone to leverage its benefit. 

Some of its features are:

  • Comes with advanced content filtering.

  • Builds a fast and responsive widget.

  • Provides you with constant updates.

  • Creates custom CSS.

  1. Elfsight

Elfsight provides you with an amazing tool to embed Facebook review widgets to your website. It comes with numerous amazing features that are capable of luring the audience very conveniently. It gives fast updates and supports its users and tries to solve each of their queries instantly.

Elfsight consists of review filters that help you in displaying only the relevant reviews on your website. These three filters are:

  • Displaying only the chosen reviews.

  • Displaying reviews with certain hashtags.

  • Display a fixed number of reviews.

You can choose review templates of your choice and use different themes to display them.

  1. EmbedSocial

Embedsocial is a platform that provides you with the social media aggregator tools for displaying Facebook reviews through Facebook review widgets on your website.

It is a proof-based business platform that has won the trust of many social media users. This can work as a boon for the marketers using embedsocial for embedding Facebook review feeds on their website.

EmbedSocial helps you in analyzing the content before displaying it on your website.

Easy deployment of Facebook review widget makes it a go-to tool for embedding Facebook review widget on your website.

  1. Broadly

Broadly is a social media aggregator tool used to embed a Facebook review widget on your website and attract a huge number of visitors. 

It has the power to engage numerous visitors through its amazing usability. It makes your website very interactive and up-to-date.

It keeps check on feedback and promises a positive user experience.

  1. SocialKIT

SocialKIT enables you to make your website eye-catching by embedding Facebook reviews feeds on your website. It increases the audience's reach by making your website very engrossing for the visitors.

SocialKIT builds a responsive website by embedding Facebook review widgets to your website.


Reviews are the treasury for any company to excel in the marketing field.

Appending both positive and negative reviews is the ideal representation of your brand's transparency and gives visitors the idea of how much you care for their feedback. This is enough for transforming your visitors into your potential customers.

Facebook review widgets work as a tool for easy display of Facebook reviews on your website. Above mentioned are a few tools that you can use to embed Facebook review widgets to your website.

Go try them! Take your business to the invincible peak.

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