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Embrace a Life of Peace and Luxury at ‘In That Quiet Earth’ by Total Environment in Hennur

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In the heart of Bangalore’s urban landscape, ‘In That Quiet Earth‘ by Total Environment in Hennur stands as a beacon of tranquility and luxury. This residential haven promises a lifestyle that blends the best of nature and modernity, catering to those who seek peace without compromising on contemporary comforts. Here’s why ‘In That Quiet Earth' is the ideal choice for discerning homeowners.

Total Environment: Pioneers of Sustainable Elegance

Total Environment is celebrated for their unique approach to residential projects, combining aesthetic brilliance with sustainability. Their dedication to creating eco-friendly homes without sacrificing luxury is evident in every detail of ‘In That Quiet Earth'. The project is a perfect manifestation of their commitment to quality and environmental stewardship, offering a living experience that is both opulent and responsible.

The Idyllic Locale of Hennur

Hennur is emerging as one of Bangalore’s premier residential areas, known for its serene environment and strategic location. It provides excellent connectivity to major IT hubs, prestigious educational institutions, top-tier healthcare facilities, and a plethora of shopping and entertainment options. Despite its urban advantages, Hennur maintains a peaceful, green ambiance, making it the ideal setting for ‘In That Quiet Earth'. Residents can enjoy the vibrancy of city life while retreating to a tranquil sanctuary.

Architectural Excellence

The architectural design of  In That Quiet Earth Villas showcases Total Environment’s commitment to blending aesthetics with functionality. Each villa is designed to harmonize with its natural surroundings, featuring spacious layouts, large windows, and expansive balconies that allow for abundant natural light and ventilation. The use of natural materials and innovative design elements enhances the aesthetic appeal, creating a living space that is both luxurious and in tune with nature.

Key Features and Amenities

  1. Elegant Villas: Each villa is meticulously designed to offer an exceptional living experience. High ceilings, open floor plans, and premium finishes combine to create a perfect blend of elegance and functionality.

  2. Sustainable Living: ‘In That Quiet Earth' incorporates various eco-friendly features, such as rainwater harvesting, solar energy utilization, and efficient waste management systems. These sustainable practices help reduce the environmental footprint and promote a greener lifestyle.

  3. Lush Green Spaces: The project is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens, serene water features, and green walkways. These natural elements create a tranquil environment for relaxation and recreation, providing residents with a refreshing escape from the urban hustle.

  4. Modern Amenities: Residents can enjoy a range of top-notch amenities, including a state-of-the-art clubhouse, swimming pool, gymnasium, and various recreational facilities. These amenities cater to all age groups and promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

  5. Enhanced Security: The project prioritizes the safety and security of its residents with 24/7 security, CCTV surveillance, and controlled access points. This ensures a secure living environment, allowing residents to live with peace of mind.

Building a Vibrant Community

‘In That Quiet Earth' Total Environment Hennur is designed to foster a vibrant and connected community. The common areas and recreational facilities encourage social interaction and create a sense of belonging among residents. Regular community events and activities provide ample opportunities for neighbors to connect and build lasting relationships, enhancing the overall living experience.

Investment Potential

Investing in ‘In That Quiet Earth' is a wise decision for several reasons. The project’s prime location in Hennur, coupled with Total Environment’s reputation for quality and innovation, ensures strong potential for property value appreciation. The growing demand for well-designed, sustainable homes in prime locations further underscores the investment appeal of this project.


In That Quiet Earth Total Environment in Hennur offers an unparalleled living experience that combines the tranquility of nature with modern luxury. With its beautifully designed villas, sustainable features, and comprehensive amenities, it provides the perfect sanctuary for those seeking peace, comfort, and community. Discover the serene and sophisticated lifestyle that awaits at ‘In That Quiet Earth' and make it your dream home.



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