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Emerald Ship-Zhuge Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise

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Gu Ruomei looked from the dark to the bright, although she had already seen two people in a room, but at that time Zhou Youmei was sitting with a fire on her back, so she saw it, but did not see that it was her beloved disciple. At this moment, Zhou Youmei's sudden appearance was really an unexpected surprise to Nai Shi. At that moment, Gu Ruomei hugged Zhou Youmei in her arms, but twisted her other hand on her pretty face and said: “Dead girl, you are getting worse and worse..” Eh! Why is your hair wet, too? “Still say it!” Zhou Youmei nestled in Nai Shi's arms like a bird. She raised her face and said coquettishly, “Master, if it hadn't been for the elder's rescue just now, you wouldn't have seen Xiaomei.” Gu Ruomei stroked her beloved disciple's shawl hair and said with a slight stupefaction, “That's the one inside.” … Eh! Why is it gone? It turned out that in a moment, the strange man in black in the inner room had quietly disappeared. As a result, this pair of master and disciples, who had met again after a long separation, could no longer speak, nor could they be introduced to the rest of the people. They hugged each other and floated into the room. Yes, the mysterious strange man in black has left quietly. In the place where he had sat before, there was a small bag of oilcloth wrapped in layers, and on the ground, there was a line of scrawled handwriting: My child, I am leaving, and what I have given you is not respectful, but you must take care of yourself. Zhou Youmei hurriedly picked up the small bag of oilcloth and muttered to herself with a puzzled face: “This old man is really strange..” By this time,smartboards for business, Bai Wenshan, Wen Suqiong, and others were already crowded in the room. Gu Ruomei hurriedly answered, “Xiaomei, don't be in a daze. I'll introduce you to some elders first, and then we'll talk about it in detail..” Of the other four, only Wen Suqiong was known by Zhou Youmei, and after Gu Ruomei's introduction, naturally there was a lot of excitement. Then,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, Zhou Youmei also told us what had happened since she was ordered by Wen Suqiong to go to Wuchang to rescue Wen Yimin. At the same time, she also introduced the two girls, Hongyun and Jiangxue, to everyone. After a temporary silence in the room, Gu Ruomei first sighed softly: “Xiaomei, open the oilcloth bag.” Zhou Youmei carefully opened the oilcloth bag, and what appeared in front of the swordsmen was a green boat, completely carved from excellent jade, only the size of a palm, but it was a concrete and tiny boat, inside and outside the hull, and engraved with dense handwriting smaller than sesame seeds. Gu Ruomei and Bai Wenshan, two people, into the eyes, not by a bright eyes at the same time issued a cry of surprise: “Emerald ship!” Gu Ruomei “snatched” the boat from the hands of her beloved disciple and held it tightly in her arms. She could not help muttering to herself with tears in her eyes: “Heaven can see pity. I finally saw it..” It turns out that this is the treasure of Wulin, the “Emerald Boat” that Wulin figures are willing to sacrifice their lives for. When the Taoism in Jianghu disappears and is filled with a haze, the “Emerald Boat” actually returns to the hands of the chivalrous Taoism. It is no wonder that Gu Ruomei is moved to tears. Zhou Youmei couldn't help being stunned and said, “I didn't expect what the old man gave me to be such a precious treasure of Wulin..” Then he frowned and said to himself, 4k smart board ,interactive panels for education, “But why did he leave without saying goodbye?” Gu Ruomei couldn't help sighing and said, “Silly boy, that old man is your master.” With a deep sigh, Bai Wenshan answered, “Second Sister, I can assure you that that old man is definitely my teacher.” Zhou Youmei asked, “Uncle Eight, is this what Shizu looks like?” Bai Wenshan said with a smile, “Xiaomei, his face is covered with a cloth, and no one can see it. As for his short stature, he can shrink his bones.” Zhou Youmei then asked, “But why is he so mysterious?” Gu Ruomei said with a wry smile, “Son, if you think about his past, it's not hard to understand.” After a moment of meditation, Zhou Youmei sighed softly and said, “It turns out that the old man just asked me in a roundabout way, and he did it on purpose.”. ” Then he glanced at Nai Shi and Bai Wenshan and said, “Master, Martial Uncle, it seems that he may not have left yet. Shall we say hello?” “That's impossible,” said Bai Wenshan. “They must have left already.” Gu Ruomei sighed lightly and said, “Even if he still leaves, he won't meet us.” Zhou Youmei couldn't help frowning and said, “Shizu is really an old man. Now that he has realized what is right today and what was wrong yesterday..” Gu Ruomei hurriedly cut off her mouth and shouted, “Xiaomei must not be rude!” Then Zhengrong said, “Xiaomei, his past is certainly worth discussing, but as the younger generation, we should not criticize ourselves. Do you understand this truth?” “I understand.” Zhou Youmei nodded and said, “Master, you interrupted me just now before I finished speaking. Actually, my intention was not to criticize him..” Bai Wenshan could not help laughing and asked, “Xiaomei, what was your original intention just now?” “Martial Uncle,” said Zhou Youmei Zhengrong, “my original intention is: Now that everyone has met, why doesn't he lead us to attack the traitor with Zhang?” Bai Wenshan said with a wry smile, “I'm sure he must have his own difficulties.” With a deep sigh, Gu Ruomei said, “If you make a mistake, you will regret it for thousands of years. If you look back, it will be a hundred years. Xiaomei, you are too young. At present, you can't understand the psychology of an old man who is sad about the past..” Before Gu Ruomei had finished speaking, a deep sigh came from the roof. Bai Wenshan stood up hurriedly and shouted, “Master..” Gu Ruomei grabbed him and said, “This time, he's really gone.” “Second Sister,” said Bai Wenshan, “have you noticed this already?” Gu Ruomei nodded and said, “Yes, depending on the situation, he has not yet fully recovered from his invincible skills.” After a little silence in the room, Gu Ruomei sighed softly, “Younger Martial Brother Eight,touch screen whiteboard, the rain has stopped. Don't let your elder brother take risks alone. We must leave immediately and rush to meet him..” Shao Youmei followed Lv Buwei, Guqin and others back to Yichang City, but fell into a dilemma of helplessness. hsdsmartboard.com


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