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MM Enterprises India Professional Employer Organization solutions helps your business simplify its expansion into India with foreign employment law expertise and expedited international employee onboarding without the need for entity establishment. Our streamlined global expansion method accelerates your time to market by 90% when compared to entity setup.

With this solution, MME acts as your Global Employer of record services. This means that we utilize our international infrastructure to compliantly hire and onboard international employees on your behalf while you maintain full oversight of your global team. Our experts handle all payrolls, compliance, and risk mitigation to ensure a quick, simplified global expansion experience.

Professional Employer Organization in India is an excellent starting point for small, medium and growing businesses seeking international market expansion to venture into a new geography. 
By definition, an International PEO is a company that acts as a legal employer on behalf of a foreign company for its employee in another country while the employee continues to work for the foreign company. The PEO Company takes care of cost effective services for HR, payroll, benefits, and risk management. Some agencies like MME go a step further to provide extended services like time and attendance, recruiting, employee training, and performance management.

Why using MME global employer of record services

In the world of outsourcing, a global employer of record provider is another avenue to help simplify the complex hiring process for a business owner. The laborious work of creating a new overseas entity for your business can be difficult, so why not make it easier with some local experts? You need to account for banking, insurance, tax, compliance and more, ensuring the local infrastructure is set up and sufficient to employ workers.

The employer of record services provides an infrastructure that negates the needs to worry about most of these tasks. They provide a business with the opportunity to hire an employee in global markets compliantly, without the need for an entity or local employee onboarding process. An EOR service provider will hire workers on behalf of the client company while also taking on the legal responsibility for them. This includes compliance, with all payroll management processing and employment, as well as the employment process.

The Employer of record will take care of human resources and payroll processing for the new employees, while your management teams are responsible for managing their day to day work, just as you would be any other staff member. This means you receive the benefit of an extended workforce, minus the risk.

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