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Additionally zinc taken in the form of a vitamin  Immunity Formulas Review supplement has been known to aid in the responsiveness of the immune system, Homeopathic remedies such as Echinacea have also been shown to stimulate the immune system and fight against infections. Taking a proper dosage of some natural immunity boosters can better prepare your body for the airborne germs that it will encounter in these close quarter environments.

The immune system is designed to be able to distinguish between self and non-self. It is then designed to make “made to measure” responses against the non-self (the pathogen) that accurately kill the pathogen, but leave the self untouched. It does this by recognising the molecules of the pathogen and designing other molecules that fit like a lock and key with only the pathogen molecules. These “designer made” molecules carry with them the tools to kill the pathogen.

The pathogen molecules come in millions of different types. To combat this problem the immune system is extremely complex, and highly efficient so that it can nearly always design new locks to fit these keys. One downside to this efficiency is that each immune system is so finely tuned that it even sees the cells from another person as foreign.

That is because our cells carry very small molecular differences from person to person. The immune system is so sensitive that it sees these differences. This means that transplantation of organs to save lives is very complicated. Another problem, due to the complexity of the immune system, is that it sometimes runs out of control and attacks its own body. This is called autoimmunity, and is the cause of a number of very serious diseases.



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