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Disney Vacation Club resorts offer a very distinctive experience depending on your chosen destination.  

These resorts are luxurious and bring out the child in everyone making them a favorite for holiday goers adults and kids alike.  

There are a few options on how you can book a stay in these resorts. 

  • Book directly at the resort 
  • Become a DVC member
  • Rent points from a DVC member 
  • Buy a resale contract 

This article will tackle the last option, highlighting the perks you can get when you buy or sell DVC points

Understanding Resale DVC Points 

When individuals buy into the DVC membership, they are required to purchase a specific amount of points which will serve as the primary currency when transacting at these resorts.  These points are attached to the contract and dictate the length of your stay and the type of accommodation among other variables so it’s safe to say that they are very crucial in the membership.  When buying DVC resale contracts, point availability and size are some of the most important factors to consider as it will have a tremendous impact on maximizing your membership. 

Buying Resale DVC Points 

Purchasing membership directly from Disney can be very expensive. It’s not entirely practical but the Disney experience makes up for it.  However, the expensive rates are still subjected to disapproving eyebrows so for those who are not fond of paying too much for a timeshare membership, a great alternative is available.  Just as renting DVC points is possible, so is selling them.  This is a very popular method to make money out of Disney points and a lot of members have turned to this option. 

On the buyer’s end, a resale may not sound like the best offer. However, buying resale DVC points from listings available in sites such as DVC Resale Experts, present a huge benefit.  First and the biggest benefit is the opportunity to buy points at incredibly low prices– something you would not get when you buy directly from Disney.  Second, you are able to choose the size of points according to your planned trip. Having mentioned that these points are the main currency used in the Disney resorts, having substantial points for your upcoming vacation would set the tone of your overall experience.  Last but not least, Disney has set a fixed amount of points that you need to purchase upon registering as a member. By buying resale DVC points, you are not obligated to follow Disney’s set standard, giving you more freedom to purchase only according to your needs. 

In Conclusion

Buying Disney points from resale listings that are available online like DVC Resale Experts gives you the opportunity to enjoy a holiday in any of the Disney Vacation Club resorts with the added perks that come with the membership.  This is a great way to have a very memorable vacation with your family or loved ones while making the most of your stay in any of the world-renowned Disney resort locations.

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