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Many people experience leg pain and difficulty to move. One of the common reasons regarding this is excessive deposit of fat tissues to calves. The bulky fat around the calves may cause embarrassment for many too. Calves fat is stubborn to go through adopting a healthy diet and exercise routine. In addition to these self efforts, Liposuction can be used to get the toned calves. 

In order to consider liposuction for stubborn fat removal from the calves, vital information about this procedure has been taken from Dr. Medha Bhave. She is a plastic surgeon popular and offers successful and effective liposuction surgery in Thane.  So if you are one of those unhappy individuals looking for an effective treatment for bulky calves, then consider reading this article. Before delving into the procedure, it would be beneficial to learn about the causes of bulky calves and their impact on the body. So, here is-

What are The Causes of Thick Calves?

Bulky calves can be experienced by both male and females. This may appear due to various factors. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Genetics
  • Exercises building strain on calves 
  • Playing sports like football, hockey, or swimming 
  • Weight gain.

Thicker Calves may impact other body parts as well. Some of these include:

  • Discomfort to move
  • Issue to uplift the weight
  • Leg pain
  • Sense of embarrassment as they look thick.

Liposuction for Unwanted Fat Removal from Calves 

Liposuction for calves is a cosmetic plastic surgery performed by medical professional specialises in performing cosmetic plastic surgeries. This method involves the procedure of removing excess fat from the anterior surface of the tibia which involves fatty tissue to the calf muscles. Calf liposuction addresses these fat deposits through minimal incision. The extraction of fat tissues and allows to make them toned.

The Benefits of Liposuction of the Calves

Calf liposuction provides several benefits for people willing to improve their size and definition of their calves. Some of these advantages of considering liposuction for calves include:

  • Reduced this size of calf
  • It improves the muscles of of the calves
  • One may experience almost negligible downtime which may include minimal scarring
  • It is speedy process which may require minimum time to spend in recovery
  • Liposuction, performed by qualified cosmetic plastic surgeons is a safe and effective way to improve the calves appearance.

What are the steps included in  a calf liposuction Procedure?

In general liposuction procedure for toned calves is categorised into three parts

  • Preparation for the Procedure

Prior to the procedure, the candidate has to undergo a pre-operative medical check-up. This check-up includes overall examination of the individual’s eligibility for the treatment. To rule out any medical contraindications, surgeons may plan more detailed evaluation sessions which may include:

  • Level of fat tissue deposited to the calves
  • Determine causes of thick calves
  • Examination of previous medical history
  • Any medical treatment or medication, if going on.
  • Liposuction procedure

A step-by-step procedure of this calves reduction treatment includes below mentioned steps: 

  • Marking on the fat pockets of calves
  • Administration of local or general anaesthesia 
  • Make minimal incisions near around the marked fat pockets
  • Insertion of micro-cannulas under the skin through incisions
  • The cannula will extract the fat cells (deep and superficial) deposited to the calves
  • After the procedure incisions will be stitched. 
  • Post-operative care

After this calf reduction surgery, the patient will remain anaesthetic for some time. Hence, the leg movement will not be performed. But, once that unconsciousness gets over, the candidate can take discharge from the clinic and take rest at home. 

During this post-operative tenure, compression garments are advised to wear. It will help to keep the treated area intact. To do so, this recommendation may extend to several weeks.  

After the procedure pain may be experienced by the individual but it can be alleviated  by taking pain-relieving medication prescribed by the surgeon. 

What Can One  Expect From Calves Liposuction?

The calves- the muscled area of the lower legs  are smaller but an unavoidable body part. Hence, the procedure liposuction is  customised by the surgeon carefully. So that it can effectively treat unwanted fat in this body part. The surgeon works around the thick muscles of this area to achieve the desired toned calves. 

Who is a Good Candidate For Calves Liposuction?

Some factors making a person a good candidate for this calves reduction surgery are as follows:

  • Stubborn Fat Deposits: The primary reason for calf liposuction is to remove localised, excess fat in the calf area that has not responded to diet and exercise efforts.
  • Good Overall Health: Candidates should be in good general health, without significant medical conditions that might increase the risks associated with surgery.
  • Stable Weight: It's important that candidates have maintained a stable weight for several months prior to the procedure. Significant weight fluctuations can affect the results of the surgery.
  • Realistic Expectations: It's crucial for patients to have realistic expectations about what calf liposuction can achieve. It can improve the contour of the calf area, but it won't dramatically change the shape or appearance of the legs.
  • Skin Elasticity: Good skin elasticity is important for achieving optimal results. If you have loose or sagging skin in the calf area, liposuction alone may not be sufficient, and other procedures like a calf lift or skin tightening might be needed.
  • Motivation: Patients should be motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the procedure, including proper diet and exercise, to maintain the results.
  • Consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon: The best way to determine if you're a good candidate for calf liposuction is to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon. They can evaluate your specific case, discuss your goals, and provide personalised recommendations based on your unique circumstances.


For people with calves' fat pockets that will not go away with exercise, calf liposuction can be a life-changing procedure. It provides a means of achieving a more balanced and defined calf appearance.

Calf liposuction can improve body image and confidence in the correct patient under professional supervision, leading to a pleasing aesthetic result. To get this treatment benefits and toned looking calves, get in touch with Dr. Medha Bhave, Best Plastic Surgeon in Thane, at Laser Cosmesis.

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