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We all have grown up playing games, haven’t we? But these days, almost everything runs on the internet. Things have become a lot easier for most of us and a whole lot more convenient. But alas, one thing has not got any easier for all of us, and that is monotony. You come home from work, and feel all strained and exhausted. Then you look for ways to finally wind down and relax. You might get on a call with a companion or watch television, but you do know that it does get a little dreary after some point. You may run out of things to talk about with your friend, or there could be nothing exciting to watch on the TV. What then?

This is when mobile games come to your service. You just have to download a game from the many preferences out there on the Play Store or the App Store, and you are all set to start on a new journey. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. Slashy: This puzzle game is the one you need to kill your dullness. Introduced by Camel Motion, this game comes up with over 300 levels that boost the gaming experience further. You have to burst a few discs by organizing slices on top of them. There are fun props that you can use to go ahead in the game such as a vinyl record, a diamond, a football, a crystal ball, amongst others.

There is also a delightful weapon called the hammer, with which you can help yourself whenever you are jammed in the game. This hammer lets you slice up the slices to be positioned on the discs. One of the attractive features of this game is that the discs move clockwise and counterclockwise as you play. Once you start playing, there is no stopping you.

 2. Northgard: If you love people with gigantic beards and pointy helmets, this is the game for you. Well, here you get an opportunity to control a group of Vikings who are in hunt for new lands. This survival game lets you administer your resources and the Vikings warily.

You will have to steady both to stay alive in this harsh land of warriors and dreadful wolves. There is a storyline that is both single-player and multiplayer where you need to triumph over the six clans. But in order to overpower the clans, you will have to master the skills of those six clans. Isn’t it exhilarating? This game delivers such fun that you will end up spending hours playing it.

 3. The Battle Cats: Do you adore cats? If yes, then picture letting your cats help guard you against enemies. What can get cooler than that? This game lets you use some totally cute and fluffy cats to assist you in defending yourself against some hideous zombies and aliens.

Those aliens and zombies are your most awful enemies and all you have to do is to let your cats out on a 2D battlefield. This game is in fact a spin on the typical game of tower defense. One of the best things about this game is that this game isn’t lengthy, so you can play it even for short periods of time if you want. So, are you ready for some “cat fight”?

 4. Pocket World 3D: Have you ever caught yourself playing Legos and creating structures out of them? I suppose you must have, as a child.

Now how about I tell you that this game is a combination of those two? Pocket World 3D is in fact a wonderful mix of architecture and Lego. Here, there are puzzle pieces that you need to set onto the allocated area and create a building using them. You get to craft some really prominent buildings from around the world.

This also contains some tiny buildings, like a little Japanese shop, that gives you a warm and pleasant feeling. So, pull up your sleeves and get ready to fashion some masterpieces.

 5. Bloons Tower Defense 6 : This is in reality the 6th game in the Bloom TD series. Yes, this game was first introduced in 2008 and is still in style. As the name suggests, you will have to disintegrate or shoot down balloons with monkeys. Yes, you got it right. You have to use your monkeys to gun down the balloons that are all around the map.

The fun element is when you also get the opportunity to let your monkeys be heroes for you in the game. You will get the occasion to bring in your new “Hero Monkeys” into the battleground. These monkeys have definite powerful effects that help you shoot down those balloons. It is pretty trouble-free to play and is really a good game to shoot down your ennui.


Kids and adults both enjoy games. Anybody can partake in the games listed above with full grandeur. They are thrilling and are really good to kill your idle time and monotony. They will help your mind stay engaged, so it’s time to say goodbye to boredom, and hello to the games.



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