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EnterpriseA2P SMS services are used enterprises globally, especially in regionssuch as the UK, US, and Italy. Enterprise A2P SMS(application-to-person messaging) refers to the technique oftransmitting a text message from a program located on a personalcomputer or networked server to a cell user. Enterprise A2P SMS alsoknown as professional or enterprise SMS allows users to send andreceive text messages from any location through the use of an SMSgateway service. This service lets the user exchange text messageswith people who are not on the contact list of the user. Severaldifferent companies provide this service for business and personaluse. Some of these companies include:

Microsoftprovides many tools to help businesses communicate with theircustomers, such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Skype. However,many other companies offer various types of enterprise A2P SMSsolutions. Most businesses use enterprise A2P SMS to help themincrease their productivity by allowing them to use applications on apersonal computer that is not connected to the company network. Inaddition, businesses can use A2P messaging to provide customers withtime-sensitive alerts. In regions such as the UK, the increase ofenterprises has increased the usage of enterpriseA2P SMS services. For instance, according to GOV.UK, currentlythere are around 5.9 million businesses in the UK private sector.

Atypical enterprise A2P SMS solution is to allow a user to send a textmessage from their phone to another mobile user via the Internet. Themessage will be sent from the personal phone to the server running aweb application. Users then receive the message on their mobiledevices. Many companies have found a valuable benefit in using thismethod of mobile marketing as it is inexpensive compared totraditional SMS marketing. Additionally, enterprise A2P SMS allowsusers to send and privately receive text messages. This means thatthe user is not publicly displayed to other users. A way of usingenterprise A2P SMS is for a business or individual to send andreceive text messages in ways that are helpful to the person. Forexample, a business might advertise a special sale. If they use atwo-way mode of messaging, a person who receives the message canrespond by sending a reply as well.

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