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Every woman's hope and ambition is to become a mother. As much as the thought of holding a newborn in your arms gives you shivers, there is one tiny stumbling block – the pain of labor. However, many women do not worry about it until they become pregnant and the due date approaches. However, when the big day comes, the excitement of becoming a mother is tempered by the anxiety of labor discomfort and birthing agony.

It is not uncommon these days to discover women who have second thoughts about giving birth simply because they are afraid of the unpleasant journey of D-Day. Many women, though, are unconcerned about it until they become pregnant and their due date approaches. When the big day arrives, the exhilaration of becoming a mother is tempered by the fear of labor discomfort and birthing pain.

It is not unusual these days to come across ladies who are hesitant to give birth because they are frightened of the arduous journey of D-Day. However, many of you may be unaware that medical technology has advanced to the point where it may help you on your path. You can consult the best gynecologist in Chennai for epidural delivery, which helps you in painless childbirth.

Understanding the epidural or painless delivery – The term “painless delivery” refers to the use of an epidural injection administered by an anesthesiologist to relieve pain during labor. It is injected into the lower back, followed by the insertion of a plastic tube via which medicines are released around the spinal cord. It is only administered once while you have inactive labor, which means you have at least three contractions every ten minutes. You can consult the best gynecologist in Chennai to get proper medical assistance during the pregnancy. That may include precautions, medication, managing hormonal imbalance, regular tests, dietary & nutrition advice, etc.

Although an epidural may not usually give complete pain relief, it significantly lessens discomfort and feelings in the lower part of the body. Early labor discomfort is handled naturally with warm baths, massages, and activities.

This delivery method is suitable for all pregnant women. Furthermore, it is highly suggested for individuals who are experiencing:

  • Labor that is difficult or takes a long time

  • Certain medical conditions, such as hypertension

  • Vaginal birth after a cesarean section

Women who are on blood-thinning medications, have bleeding problems, certain neurological diseases, or have undergone lower back surgery, on the other hand, must consult with an obstetrician about the procedure.

Benefits of Epidural delivery –

Epidurals, according to physicians, are safe for both the mother and the infant, and they also give relief from tiredness and irritation. It allows women to relax and refocus on labor, but like any medical intervention, it can have unintended consequences.

  • Painless delivery allows women to have natural childbirth with minimal intervention. It has contributed to a reduction in the number of elective C-sections in India.

  • Women are given the option of having an epidural during labor if they cannot bear the pain or are exhausted from pushing. Any emergencies may also necessitate an emergency C-section.

  • It enables the woman to concentrate on the birth by relieving discomfort. It is a relaxing tool that can reduce the tiredness and pain that most women experience after childbirth, lowering the chance of developing postpartum problems.

  • It facilitates the baby's descent by relaxing the pelvic and vaginal muscles.

  • It also aids in reducing the mother's blood pressure, which might otherwise rise to hazardous levels during labor.

Along with the many benefits of Epidural delivery, the delivery method may cause complications and risks for both mother and child. These complications can be minimized or managed by getting a second opinion on the birthing method. Various maternity hospitals in India provide a painless delivery facility with excellent postpartum care for mother and infant. Many women have had a great natural birth experience thanks to painless delivery with an epidural. It would help if you only go forward with it after properly discussing it with the best gynecologist in Chennai and evaluating the advantages and downsides.


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