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ERC ( Ethereum Request for Comment) and 721 is the proposal identifier number. It was the first developed token standard to showcase  non-fungible digital assets, the ERC721 is deemed as  an inheritable Solidity smart contract standard.It further offers a permissive way to securely transfer the valuables. ERC721 Tokens are called NFT(Non-Fungible Token) Tokens used for gaming purpose.These Tokens can hold different  values. ERC721 Token is unique and it has advanced features for gaming platforms. This NFT Token standard determines the users to manage, organise, own and trade unique tokens.


Security tokenizer is the leading token development company that provides ERC721 token development services with advanced features based on your business requirements. Here are the benefits and features of ERC721 token development and Security Tokenizer.

Features  of  ERC721 Token Development

  • High compliance
  • Unique ID.
  • Multiple Product Management.
  • Admin tools.
  • Subscriptions and Newsletters for immediate upgrades.
  • Embedded Web3 checkout button with metamask support.
  • Easy transfers.
  • ERC721 token wallet apps for web, android, and ios
  • Roles-based permission.
  • High-end security systems.

Benefits of ERC-721 token development

  • Piracy free

  • Surveillance free

  • Limited licences

  • Transferable licence

To Know More:

E-mail ID : talktous@securitytokenizer.io

Telegram : https://t.me/Team_SecurityTokenizer

WhatsApp : https://web.whatsapp.com/send?phone=919791771666



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