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New clinical study results published by the European Association of Urology reveal that allograft stem cells can restore erectile function, allowing previously impotent men to enjoy spontaneous intercourse without the need for any additional drugs, injections, or implants. This is the first time that allograft stem cell treatment has generated patients with sufficient erectile function to allow intercourse in a clinical experiment.

Eight of the twenty-one patients stated that they had regained sufficient erectile function to engage in penetrative sexual activity within six months of starting medication. Following the trials, however, all of the patients' IIEF questionnaire scores (a benchmark for assessing erectile function) improved. This indicates that, even if it wasn't enough, all of the patients reported an improvement in their erectile function without the need for drugs or other choices in addition to the treatment.

Men's erectile dysfunction is a major issue, affecting approximately half of all men between the ages of 40 and 70. Erectile dysfunction is also present in younger men, making it one of the most frequent problems men face throughout their lives.

Medications like Cialis and Viagra can assist, but many individuals do not react to these treatments or do not see enough improvement to be satisfied. For these people, allograft stem cell therapy offers a potential new frontier in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. For people suffering from erectile dysfunction, allograft stem cell treatment may be a viable alternative.

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