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When you thrust deep inside your woman you do Man Greens Review  something very effective in helping you last longer in bed; you keep the most sensitive part of your penis (the end) away from the most stimulating part of her vagina (the entrance). By keeping these two apart you reduce your overall stimulation meaning you can last longer before orgasm. You can keep thrusting in and out an inch or two though, to keep the pleasure up for her.

One of the easy ways to last longer in bed is to use a standing up position. You'll find that it's easier to last longer in a standing up position, because you're having to spend energy and focus on parts of your body other than thrusting. In standing up blood will have to flow to your legs to keep you in position and all this energy that's drawn away from your penis is highly effective in helping you last longer in bed.

Having a full bladder can promote premature ejaculation. So one of the easy ways to last longer in bed is to just urinate before sex. This empties your bladder, which means the pressure on your genitals are reduced, so lasting longer in bed becomes easy.  So there are 5 easy ways to last longer in bed that are highly effective. I recommend you put them to work tonight.

The general consensus is that the secret of being able to perform autofellatio is that a man needs to have a “flexible spine.” Herein lies both the problem and the answer. Spinal flexibility is important in being able to fellate oneself, no one will argue with that. However, the last thing a man wants to do is make the joints in his spine too flexible by stretching out the ligaments of the spine.



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