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1.Promote Consumption Upgrade

With the improvement of economic level and consumption ability, as well as the increasing development of fresh food e-commerce, more and more high-quality seafood, dairy products, meat products, fruits, etc, enter the people's table, consumers' consumption concept is constantly upgrading, willing to pay higher fees to obtain the satisfaction of the tongue. And this experience is good or bad, to a large extent depends on the cold chain logistics after the order of goods to the extent that once the cold chain is often broken will cause product deterioration, directly affecting the consumer repurchase, consumer upgrading can not be talked about.

2.Accelerating Rural Revitalization

In the past, due to the inadequate cold chain logistics system in the origin, such as the lack of pre-cooling facilities, field head cold storage, origin cold chain market and low-temperature processing center, a large number of in-season fruits and vegetables were left unsold every year, and it was impossible to realize staggered marketing and agricultural industrial processing, and the loss of agricultural products and waste of resources were extremely serious. With the high attention of the state and local governments in recent years, the urban and rural cold chain logistics system has been increasingly improved, effectively improving the loss of agricultural products, enhancing the added value and brand effect of agricultural products, and helping farmers achieve steady income growth.

3.Promote the Development of Origin

The development of cold chain logistics is related to the implementation of major strategic policies such as rural revitalization, poverty alleviation and industrial upgrading. With the continuous development of cold chain logistics technology, the anti-seasonal products with high value and high-quality agricultural products with regional characteristics can be continuously circulated out of the region in the whole country, and the farther the distance, the higher the value of agricultural products. According to statistics, the current loss rate of cold chain transportation is about 5%.


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