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An escape room is an excellent stress buster. Here, you can spend your time pleasantly, having no worries about your everyday life. If you love taking up adventures, then this is for you.

Los Angeles, an attractive city by nature, is also home to many escape rooms. The audience adores the rooms because live artists, novel puzzles, and the latest technologies are seamlessly involved in the adventure. We guarantee you would hear your heart pulsating while you solve your way out of the room. Here, you can learn everything about the escape rooms in Los Angeles! Read further to find your favorite spot!


Mission escape games is a live escapade that offers unlimited fun and thrill with a lot of mind-blowing games and puzzles. They have four different rooms with unique storylines. “Escape the Hydeout” is an exciting room with an impressive plot that could make you crazy. The genuine Dr. Jekyll has been behaving unusually for weeks and had gone missing. And also, a crazy guy called Hyde is confusing the town. So, you’ve been appointed to investigate the happenings in the town. Can you find Dr. Jekyll before Mr. Hyde returns?


Xscape pods is a gripping escapade where you can spend your time with your friends in the perfectly designed escape rooms that would prove your adrenaline-rush. They have four different rooms with different themes. ” The bridge” is a room that is liked by most of the players since it has an entrancing plot. You and your team would have to fight to keep the power stone chasing across the galaxy. You have somehow managed to defeat them. But your ship has been damaged. Now, the engines in the ship are out, and you are being dragged into a nearby heavenly body. All you have is just an hour to save your ship. Will you be able to save the galaxy before the end game?


Escape IQ is an engrossing escapade that offers the ultimate joy and thrill in the amazingly decorated intertwined rooms. They have three different rooms with unique backstories. ” Dr. Brown's Manor” is a room with an immersive plot and untraceable twists and puzzles that would check your logical reasoning. Dr. Brown had been missing! He had been in his mansion, curiously moulding on his time machine, screaming with joy, for he was on the verge of finding time travel. You would need to break into Dr. Brown’s mansion and uncover what had happened!  An alarm would be triggered instantly as you enter the house, and you would only have an hour before the whole mansion self-destructs. Time is of the essence!


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