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Before starting a new channel, you need to be sure of the things that you would need and also how you can use them. Being a multimedia platform, it demands high-quality videos and audio. The smart way to go about it is to first go through a list of things that would be required and see if you already have them or not. And once your channel is established, you can decide and go ahead with higher quality equipment.

Here is a list of all the things that you would need before starting out your new channel.

A YouTube Camera

To begin with, you can use whatever camera you have, be it your smartphone or your old digital camera. A good fine-tuned, 4K footage is appreciated but is not compulsory.

The choice of the camera will impact the video quality greatly and a good camera will be your friend through this journey. But you do not have to go the extra mile and buy expensive ones, a simple camera with good quality should be able to do the work in the beginning. A camera will go a long way in your YouTube journey and a good quality camera will definitely help you get better results and consequently more number of subscribers.

Microphones and Audio

The quality of the audio is quite an important feature and for that, you either need a good camera or an external mic.

 Poor audio quality can affect your subscribers and can be damaging for your channel. A decent and inexpensive microphone will be a good investment at the beginning of starting out your channel. Without good audio in your content, your video will lose its value.

Lighting Gear

Good lighting can do wonders for your video. You can make a purchase for a good lighting tool at a decent price or use natural light for your videos.

If you have experience in shooting indoors, you would already be aware of the importance of external lighting gear. You can invest in LED panel lights or softbox lights that are decently priced. A reflector also works for good lighting and you can use it to amplify your video’s visual quality. You do not want a bad light to ruin your content and indoor lights are never enough for shooting until there is an external lighting gear added which will give the added effect to your video.

Tripods and Camera Stands

You will need an external device that will hold your camera and shoot with stability, avoiding unnecessary movements. A tripod will be helpful for you then.

You can choose a tripod based on the device you are using. Some of the tripods are suitable for phones and cameras both so that can be a smarter purchase if you plan to shift devices.

Smartphone Camera Gear

You will find a lot of gears in the market that are specifically designed for shooting videos. You can get detachable audio jacks, tripods, LED lights, lenses, etc.

Using a mobile phone for recording a video is a good decision to make as it will save you some money and give you good results, but to make that recording better in quality, you will need some external devices that can just add up to your video’s quality. You can use an external light, a mic, a clip-on lens to make the zooming better, etc.

To cut down the cost, you can make use of the equipment you already have and add some external devices to enhance your video quality. If you are just getting started, then first invest in the basics, before proceeding to buy more expensive products.

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