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A business plan for a general practice in Australia, is a comprehensive document that includes all the details about your business. It outlines what you do, how you do it and who your customers are. Without a plan, the GP will not be able to grow their practice in a sustainable way.


A successful GP clinic business plan has three key components:

  1. Financial projections for the present and future of the company.
  2. Marketing strategies.
  3. Administrative procedures.


The first component is crucial to general practice owners, because it provides information on how much money is necessary to start up and maintain a new or existing practice. This part also discusses revenue sources such as fees charged by other healthcare providers where there may be referral agreements with them, or from direct billing for services rendered to patients with private insurance coverage or a provincial health plan.


The second component, marketing strategies, is about how to promote the company and attract patients through word of mouth, social media campaigns, advertising in print or broadcast mediums as well as telephone directories. This section also helps with developing appropriate signage for the outside of the premises which includes contact information such as phone number(s) and email address(es). In addition, it suggests methods that make people aware of offers made by the practice such as discounts on services during slow periods to boost business when revenue from patient fees may be less than expected.


The final part, defines administrative procedures including hiring new staff members where human resource policies are necessary for keeping employees motivated while maintaining standards related to patient care delivery; according to professional practice management consultants, management strategies are established here too because this is the part where the business owner describes how he or she will make use of resources and resolve problems within the practice.


Other things you need to include in your business plan are given below.


Identify your target market

Without identifying who your target market is, you will have a difficult time reaching your desired outcome. This step is important because it allows you to focus on what area of medicine you would like to specialize in and limits the competition that you may face. For example, if you are planning to open a family clinic, then your target market would be families with children who need preventive care services. However, if you were planning to open a specialized clinic for cancer patients, your target market would be individuals who have been recently diagnosed with cancer and their families.


You must also take into consideration the size of your target market. If you are targeting a small niche market, then your business plan may require more specific details than if you were targeting a large general population.


Analyse the competition in that industry

If there is an abundance of GP clinics in the area you intend to open your one, then there is going to be stiff competition. In this case, you need to have a clear differentiation strategy in order to set yourself apart from the others.


You will also want to analyse what services your competitors are providing and determine if there is room for you to provide additional services that aren't being offered. This can help you attract more patients and increase your market share.


Finally, it is important to understand the competitive landscape so that you can price your services accordingly. You don't want to charge too much or too little compared to your competitors; you want to find the right balance that will make your clinic profitable while still being affordable for patients.


Consider whether or not you are willing to put in the time it takes to run a successful GP clinic business

Time is a very important factor. As a general practice owner, you will be responsible for everything from running the business to providing patient care.


Ideally, a partner can help take some of this pressure off your shoulders, but it is important that they have experience in healthcare and understand what needs to be done. If you don't want to deal with these responsibilities by yourself, consider hiring more than one employee so that each aspect is covered on an as-needed basis. It may also make sense to contact other clinics about outsourcing certain services or sharing personnel across multiple practices, depending on how busy you are at any given time.


Choose an appropriate location for your GP clinic, preferably somewhere with high foot traffic

The right location can mean success or failure for any business, and this is especially true for GP clinics. You will want to choose a spot that is easily accessible and has high foot traffic, as this will ensure that patients can find you easily.


The clinic should be located in an area with plenty of potential patients. If your clinic is situated in a rural town with few residents, it may not be successful. However, if you are located near a large city or suburb, you will have no trouble finding patients.


Find an effective way of marketing your services so people know about them; social media is a great place for this!

If you do not have a proper marketing plan then you will probably find it difficult to attract patients to your clinic. You need to find an effective way of letting people know about your services so they can come and see you. One great way to do this is through social media; make sure you have a strong online presence.


You should also consider advertising in local newspapers or magazines, or even on radio stations. If you are willing to spend the money, then TV ads could be a good option too. However, you should always do your research first and make sure that the return on investment (ROI) is worth it.


It is also important to have a good website that showcases your clinic and its services. This will act as a virtual brochure for potential patients and can help attract them to book appointments at your clinic.


The above are just some of the essential factors that should be included in a GP business plan. By taking these into account, you will be on your way to setting up a successful clinic that patients can rely on. Remember to do your research and always think about the ROI before making decisions.



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