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If you are getting easily overwhelmed or just want life to slow down for a minute, it might be time to add more mindfulness to your lifestyle. Life can be stressful, but working regular meditation into your routine can help you get in tune with your experience. Using essential oils during your meditation can help you promote a relaxing and balanced atmosphere while helping create an environment where you can slow your mind and quickly find your meditative state. The key is to mix and match which styles work best for you until you find your own perfect meditation blend. Here’s a beginner’s guide with everything you need to know to start using essential oils and essential oil blends in your meditation practice.

Start with the Right Oils

First thing’s first, you want to set yourself up for a successful meditation by choosing the essential oils that can help you get in tune with yourself. Grounding aromas like frankincense essential oil can create an ambiance that helps you center your thoughts on the present moment and feel grounded in your meditation practice. A balancing essential oil aroma is another excellent option for diffusing or using topically before you start a meditation session. And if you’re practicing meditation before bed, you can incorporate lavender essential oil to help create a peaceful and relaxing environment while you wind down.

Add Some Mindful Positive Affirmations to Your Routine

Sometimes complete silence doesn’t help you get in touch with your inner self, and sometimes silence can’t quiet negative thoughts. As you apply your oils with balancing aromas to the back of your neck and wrists, try feeding yourself some positive words of affirmation. Showing yourself some self-love through words of affirmation is an excellent way to enhance your meditation with a healthy mindset.

Try Out Mindful Journaling

If those pesky thoughts just won’t seem to leave your mind, you might want to consider trying mindful journaling. Journaling can be a very meditative process that allows you to get anything that’s on your mind out and onto the paper. Meditative and explorative journaling can also help you navigate your thoughts during confusing times in your life. You can diffuse your frankincense oil nearby to help create an environment where you can re-center and journal freely.

Incorporate Yoga When You Can

Yoga is one of the best ways to get your whole body in sync through mindful stretching. Whether you’re still a beginner or a more experienced yogi, it’s always great to diffuse pleasant smells in your environment while practicing your meditative yoga. You can also make a DIY yoga mat spray that incorporates your favorite balancing essential oil aromas if you don’t want to use your diffuser every time. It also keeps your mat clean and fresh any time you use it.

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