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Essential Oils for Beginners

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You just heard it! essential oil supplier malaysia You will be captivated by their incredible scent and want to learn more about this wonderful gift from the nature.

First, what are essential oils? These oils are high-scent oils that have been extracted from plants. The steam and cold press methods are used to extract essential oils. Some oils are taken from the seeds of the plants, while others come from the leaves. Because natural Essential oil Because essential oils are extremely concentrated, it takes a lot of plant matter to produce a small amount. Essential oils have a high concentration and can be very potent. A little goes a long way. Essential oils can be more effective when blended with the right knowledge based on their therapeutic and chemical properties. 

How do I use essential oils? 

You can use essential oils in two ways: topically or inhalation.


Natural oils can have skin-enhancing properties. They can be used directly on the skin, or combined with existing skincare products. For easy application, essential oils can be mixed with carrier oils or moisturizers. 


 Essential oils are known for their unique aromas, which can be used to create a mood that suits your needs. You can also add essential oils to your cleaning products or beauty products. A diffuser allows you to infuse the air with your favorite scent. We don't recommend the internal use of essential oils without supervision by a certified clinical aromatherapist. 

These essential oils will help you start your collection 

Here are some essential oils that you might be interested in if you are new to essential oils Malaysia.

  • Lavender Essential Oil 

Lavender oil can be used for aromatherapy in many ways. It is made from Lavandula Angustifolia. 

Tips for Using Lavender Essential Oil

To promote sleep and nighttime relaxation, diffuse the oil in your bedroom.

To get a sweet-smelling, youthful aroma, add a few drops to your cream, lotion or moisturizer.

Lavender oil can be used to create a relaxing bath experience. You can add a few drops to your bath, or diffuse it in the bathroom.

  • Peppermint Essential Oil 

Peppermint oil It is made from the peppermint leaves and can be used for many purposes. It has a minty, cooling scent. Peppermint oil is a refreshing, energizing oil that pairs well with citrusy and spicy oils. 

Tips for Using Peppermint Lavender Oil

Add a few drops of essential oil to your homemade cleaning product for a fresh, clean scent.

For a fresh, clean scent in your home, diffuse it with citrus or spice oil.

For a refreshing sensation after a long day, mix peppermint essential oils with a carrier oil.

  • Lemon Essential Oil 

The oil is extracted from the fresh peel of lemons by cold-pressing. This involves rotating the peel and pricking it as the oil is released. You can use the oil topically or diffuse it for a fresh, citrusy scent. 

Useful Tips to Use Lemon Essential Oil

For a fresh, scented scent, drop some cotton balls in your car, at the bottom of your trash can or inside your shoes.

You can use lemon oils to get rid of stubborn labels and adhesives.

Diffuse to create a welcoming and uplifting atmosphere.

  • Frankincense Essential Oil 

Frankincense essential oils have a woody, spicy aroma and can be used internally or topically. You can inhale, absorb it through your skin, make teas with it, or use it as a supplement. 

Use Frankincense Essential oil: Tips

To highlight your beauty and promote healthy-looking skin, add a few drops of moisturizer.

Diffusing Frankincense essential oil can sharpen your senses while you study, do yoga, or meditate.

Relaxation and calm can be achieved by diffusing.

Essential oil blends for sleep Essential oils in Malaysia have many uses and are very popular. Essential oils are a great way to learn.

You can make your own combinations with high-quality oils and knowledge. Get in touch to learn more about Oil Therapy Oils.

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