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Basically, a common person changes his/her car every 3-5 years! But what happens to the old vehicle after that? Don’t you ever wonder? Well, such cars are either dumped in the junkyard to degrade naturally or are left in the middle of nowhere for others to tackle. While the first option may somewhat be acceptable, but the latter is totally unacceptable. We suggest you a better option — try selling your cars to the car scrappers! It will even get you money and be an eco-friendly way to deal with the situation!!

Some Questions You Need to Ask the Car Removal Company Before Finalizing the Deal With Them!

After you inquire about the various car removal companies in your city, you would have finally got hold of the good ones from the list. But before finalizing the deal with any one of them, do ask them these mandatory questions:

  • Will you tow my car free of cost? — Though the car scrappers who buy your car generally don’t charge you for towing the vehicle, but it’s always better to be sure. scrapper
  • What kinds of cars do they accept? — If you have a doubt if the car scrapper you are choosing will accept your car or not, it’s better to ask them about it before finalizing anything. And most scrappers like Mega Car Collection providing car removals in Auckland accept all kinds of cars no matter in which condition they are in or the brand that these may be of.
  • How will you get paid by them? — Some of the car scrappers provide the complete payment on the spot while they tow the car away. While some of them send you money in your bank after they have received the vehicle on their property. Ensure to know the protocol.
  • Will they wreck the vehicle and recycle it or just dump it? —Naturally, you are very much concerned about the environment. Do ask them about the after wrecking procedure. Inquire if they’ll just dump your car in a junkyard after taking the parts they want from it and provide more toxic load to the Earth. Or they’ll send the remaining parts for recycling and help Mother Nature become greener and safer.
  • Are they doing it legally? — We have seen cases where the people pretending to be car wreckers take your car. Later you realise that they weren’t actually licensed to do so! The responsible and legitimate ones are always doing everything according to the law and by the permission of the authorities.
  • How do they decide the price of the car? — Some car wreckers provide the best rates of your car after weighing it. While others check its condition and thoroughly consider the model and then the useful materials in it before giving you the final quote. Better ask the various car wreckers about this before you select the one that gives you the best bet.

Giving away your car is dependent on the answers you will get to these questions. If you aren’t satisfied, search for other removalists from the list. But be sure of picking the best offer from the various ones to benefit more while giving your car away. 


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