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Pearl Lemon outsourcing has a big bag of virtual assistants in London readily available to become your left hand. At Pearl Lemon Outsourcing, we’ve put in place processes and techniques, as well as assembled teams of experts, to maximize the benefits of call center outsourcing while reducing the downsides.

Many people are turning to virtual assistant jobs as work-from-home opportunities increase. Businesses, executives, and other professionals rely on virtual assistants for completing several time-consuming tasks efficiently. 

Which skills are important for virtual assistants?

Work-from-home positions are more likely to be filled by someone with virtual assistant skills, because it displays your level of digital proficiency. Employers in today’s digital world value the skills of virtual assistants in a variety of industries. In top companies, virtual assistants often go on to become marketing and sales professionals.

Top skills a virtual assistant should have

A virtual assistant possesses the following skills:


Particularly for virtual assistants, who are only accessible online, employers need to know that their hires are reliable. As a virtual assistant, you must respond to your customers’ questions and be dependable when given a task. The brand name is not only strengthened as it keeps moving forward, but it also builds trust between clients and customers.


Working as a virtual assistant requires excellent oral and written communication skills. Due to the lack of face-to-face contact, clients primarily communicate via email, phone calls, messaging platforms, and video calls. Pearl Lemon Outsourcing’s call answering service for small business is often the missing piece. Our answering service for small business can also assist with the qualification of each lead. Communicating with the virtual assistant in an effective manner results in positive feedback for the brand when the user can read and speak clearly.

A time-management strategy

Having multiple clients and a busy schedule is common for Private personal assistants, so they must be able to manage their time efficiently. The purpose of virtual assistants’ multitasking is to minimize errors by using online calendars and prioritizing tasks so they do not miss anything important. Meetings are sometimes scheduled during certain times of the day when people are less pressed to meet deadlines. It depends on the company’s needs and the assistant’s management style to determine the best time management style.

Being resourceful

The role of a virtual assistant requires a resourceful attitude, which may require researching material and identifying solutions to clients’ problems. Virtual assistants often help busy clients by checking facts, replying to emails, and managing social media accounts. To perform these tasks effectively, they need information that is sometimes difficult to locate. The employers value virtual assistants who are willing and ready to complete this work.

Motivating oneself

The usual work environment for virtual assistants is at home, so they must have the discipline and motivation to stay focused. Time-sensitive requests must be prioritized and completed on time, while other work must be done in a timely manner. A virtual assistant who follows a routine and stays organized throughout the day has an easier time staying motivated.


Organization allows virtual assistants to remain on schedule by keeping clients’ information accessible. An office assistant can help with emails, passwords, client information, calendars, appointments, reminders, birthday reminders and other items on the list. Social media accounts may also be managed by an office assistant. Expert virtual assistants keep track of important changes with systems they have put in place.

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