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Ethernet was created in 1973 by a team at the Palo Alto Research Center ( Xerox PARC ) of the Xerox Corporation in California. The team, led by the American electrical engineerRobert Metcalfe , sought to create a technology that could connect many computers over long distances. Metcalfe later entered into an alliance between Xerox, Digital Equipment Corporation and Intel Corporation , creating a standard of 10 megabits per second (Mbps), which was ratified by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). In 1979, Metcalfe created 3Com Corporation to market Ethernet. 3Com began by building Ethernet circuit boards for minicomputers before launching an Ethernet board (plug-in circuit board) for the IBM personal computer (PC) in 1982. This gave computers efficiency., the convenience and power of computer networks. The true potential of Ethernet was unleashed in 1990 with the creation of the World Wide Web by British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee .

It is here that IT Technicians come in. They now specialize in distinct tasks, such as providing security, developing software, maintaining systems, resolving IT-related issues, and other types of technical support.

Ethernet networks have become larger, faster, and more diverse since the standard appeared. Ethernet now has four standard speeds: 10 Mbps (10 Base-T), 100 Mbps (Fast Ethernet), 1,000 Mbps (Gigabit Ethernet) and 10,000 Mbps (10-Gigabit Ethernet). However, each new standard does not make the older ones old. An Ethernet controller runs at the speed of the slowest connected device, which is useful when mixing old and new technology on the same network.

Many network standards have been suggested as a replacement for Ethernet, the most successful being the wireless network. However, Ethernet is still used in most computer networks due to its low cost, flexibility and compatibility with previous versions.


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