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The last decade has not been a great one for the mecha genre. The most popular titles of the 2010s have been Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans or the new Evangelion films, but there have been no newer additions to the genre. All of the big titles have been quite old, and very few new ones were released. However, it would be wrong to presume that all of them were below average because they did not get much popularity or attention. Eureka Seven is undoubtedly the best mecha anime of the last decade, but unfortunately, it never got the recognition that it deserves even though it is brilliant. 

The studio, Bones, which is behind great shows like My Hero Academia and Soul Eater created Eureka Seven. The story focuses on Renton, who lives a quiet life. He is the son of a military scientist who sacrificed his life trying to save the world. After his father’s death, Renton started living with his grandfather in his garage. Renton aspires to someday join Gekkostate, a renegade group, as he does not prefer the quiet life he has been living for so long. The group is well known for the sport called reffing, which is somewhat similar to surfing but has one crucial difference, instead of surf on water, the player surf Trapar, a substance that exists in the air. 

However, his hum-drum life falls apart one day when a mech suit named Nirvash type Zero crashlands in his grandfather’s garage along with its mysterious pilot, Eureka. The military sends an army to capture the pilot along with Nirvash type ZERO. While Eureka is busy fighting off the military, Renton’s grandfather gives him Amita Drive, which is his father’s invention. It tremendously increases the power of the mech and helps taps into its true potential. Renton is quick enough to install the drive, which allows Eureka to fight off the military with ease. Gekkostate is impressed by Renton, and they let him join them. 

However, Renton is soon disillusioned by the relaxed lifestyle of the Gekkostate. He finds out that they struggle to make ends meet, and most of their time, they are just messing around. But all his efforts do not go to waste as he develops a relationship with Eureka while at the same time, Gekkostate’s leader, Holland Novak, becomes his rival.

The series has unique music and a very impressive aesthetic, which helps it stand out among all the other shows of its genre. The fluid movements of the robots are a treat to watch. While the surfing concept might have no real application, it soon becomes clear that it is not the case. The series makes full use of the concept in its fight scenes that often leads to some mindboggling and stunning action sequences. However, the most intriguing aspect of the anime is its characters. Although Gekkostate is supposed to be a rebel faction, most of its members are just workers trying to make a living and are not there for any ideological reasons. 

Every character has a unique personality, and most viewers find one they can relate to. It’s entirely possible that you might be attached to one of these memorable characters as the story progresses. However, the most impressive character is Eureka, whose warm and mysterious nature makes her unique. The show’s world is complex and is not limited to being just a venue for fights. The interesting lore and fascinating locations make the show an unforgettable experience. 

Eureka Seven is, without a doubt, one of the best mecha series of the last two decades that deserves more attention and love. It is surprising that such an impressive show has so few followers. Interestingly, most viewers will agree that the show is more relevant than ever before if they watch it today. It is different from most shows of its genre and manages to impress while retaining the core of a mecha show. 

Source: Eureka Seven Is the Most Underrated Mecha Anime of All Time


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