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Whether you’re getting married, moving into a new house, revamping your old space, or taking the plunge and moving in with your partner, there are a couple of essentials that must be available in every home, and yours is no exception. If you’re confused and do not know where to start, you’re in luck because this article is just for you. I’ll advise that you grab a pen and a notepad as we go on this home-essentials journey together. Happy reading!

1. A Couch 


Not just a couch, but a well-made, comfortable one. You may gamble with tons of other stuff in your home, but DO NOT gamble with your choice of a couch. The amount of time you’ll end up spending on this piece of furniture is far too much to settle for just any couch. When choosing your couch, take comfort, classic lines, and hardwearing fabrics into consideration— these three are must-have properties that your couch must possess. It would also make a great deal of sense to go for a couch with clean lines so you don’t have to keep changing it. This way, you can have your couch around much longer. Remember, a lot will happen with that couch— movie nights, daytime conversations, makeshift bed and so much more. So, get something great!

2. A Beautiful Piece of Artwork


When I say beautiful, I mean beautiful as YOU see it. Artworks come across as being personal and intimate pieces. Your choice of artwork largely depicts who you are and what your interests might be. For these reasons, it is advisable that you go for something you truly love- something that reminds you of yourself. Pay little attention to the originality of the piece or the creator; simply enjoy it because it resonates with you. A great piece of artwork can be moved from one space to the other, and if you love it so much, you’ll find a way to make it fit into ay space you are in.

3. Great Sheets


Sleep is essential to refresh and revitalize the human body. Sleeping on beautiful, clean, neatly laid sheets is an indescribable feeling. You’ll wake up feeling really happy with yourself as though you just returned from wonderland. All I’m trying to say is: invest in great beddings. Everyone and every home deserve great beddings. And you do not have to break the bank to get those. Simply set aside a few dollars (or whatever currency yours is) and purchase two or three beautiful sheets that make you smile. You do not have to get the entire bedding set at a go but get the sheets first. Trust me, even a set of clean white sheets works wonders.

4. A Living Thing

A pet, a plant, or whatever it is you decide to go for— just ensure that your home has something living, besides you, and your partner. This little flourish can create a huge impact on the way a room feels.

5. Kitchen Utensils

Hollup! I’m not asking for an entire truckload of kitchen stuff, but at least have the basics- plates, forks, spoons, knives, and other necessary kitchen utensils. There will be times when going out to get a meal may be the most uncomfortable thing in the world to do. Ordering in may not be an option either. You may also choose to have some cereal before work sometime. Whatever it is, just ensure you have a simple, nice kitchen. Save yourself some stress, will you?

6. A Console Table


Think about the million things you could do with a console table. From serving as a decoration table to a storage cabinet, there is a lot it can do. It can serve beautifully in your dining area, living room, your hallway, or even your office. Most importantly, it can serve as a space to put all your collections together as one. How sweet!

7. A Pair of Lamps


You should never buy a single lamp, lamps look better in pairs. Besides the obvious beauty that comes with lamps, the symmetry they create is amazing. Place lamps on either side of your bed or your console, and watch your space take a new turn. What’s more? They are also versatile as you can split them up if need be.

Full disclosure: This list is far from exhaustive, and home needs might vary from one person to another, but I assure you it’s a good place to start.
So get to work and make that house a home! 🙂


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