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Do you know which COVID-19 test you can have in Arleta urgent care? Maybe you're wondering if you need it at all? Here is a COVID-19 guide for you.

Why do you see people getting tested for the COVID-19 virus even if they don't show any symptoms? For one, they could have been intact with people diagnosed with this virus. 40 percent of people with SARS-CoV-2-virus are asymptomatic. That's why everyone needs this testing, even without the obvious symptoms of this virus. 

Then, these symptoms are similar to other respiratory pathogens. So, it's prudent to go to your nearest urgent care, such as an urgent and family care center, to give you peace of mind.  

Types of COVID-19 Tests

If you want to get tested for SARS-CoV-2-virus that causes COVID-19, you can have one of the two available tests. These include:

  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) Tests
  • Lateral flow tests (LFTs)

All these tests assess your body if it has an acute infection of COVID-19. 

So, which one should you pick? Let's explore the tests so you can understand them.

PCR Tests

In polymerase chain reaction test helps detect a genetic material like a virus from a specific organism. So, it can show if an individual has viral RNA even before the symptoms of the disease form. That's why PCR is the best test when you suspect that you could be having the COVID-19 without a sign of any symptoms.

PCR tests are considered accurate, but they have to go to a lab for analysis. Unlike instant lateral flow tests, they may not have the same level of accuracy as PCR. So, you must have this test in a facility such as an urgent and family care center. It may take some time before the results come out. 

Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs)

these tests instantly diagnose the Covid-19 virus. But they may present false negatives as they aren't as accurate as PCR tests. 

They are antigen tests that detect active Covid-19 infection in the body. An individual can buy this type of test from a pharmacy and do it yourself. So, you take a nasopharyngeal sample and place it on a small absorbent pad. It's similar to a pregnancy test as the proteins may show in colored lines indicating the presence of infection. 

While these LFTs provide speedy results, that's an advantage over PCRs. They show results in about 15 to 30 minutes, while PCR has to go for analysis in a lab, taking more time.  

However, PCRs provide more accuracy than LFTs. That's what most people want to see. 


Have you been tested for the COVID-19 test to know your status? If not yet, please visit one of your nearest testing centers, such as the urgent and family care, which provides a free test for everyone; whether insured or not? Since you could be asymptomatic, you could be spreading the virus to others unknowingly. So, please get tested today as you now understand the different types of tests as we have enlightened you more.



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