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Everything About Using a Cricut Maker 3 for Beginners

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Cricut machines are one of the top-notch DIY machines to showcase your creativity. These machines are popular for their versatile nature and high-performance features. Cricut is leading the creative industry because of its ease of setup and use. Even newbies can try different things with this machine. People love these machines because they can do so many things smoothly. Cricut Maker 3 is one of those machines. It is the latest Cricut machine model, which is faster and more efficient than its previous model. This blog will tell you everything regarding how to use Cricut Maker 3 for beginners.

What Does Cricut Maker 3 Machine Offer?

The Cricut Maker 3 is more than a cutting machine. The machine has in-built software that helps users to create their designs. You can use its innovative and latest features to make your desired project. With the machine, you can use more than 300 materials, from sensitive materials to hard materials. It allows you to cut fabric, vinyl, paper, chipboard, leather, and balsa wood. Plus, the Cricut Maker 3 machine is ideal for industrial and professional use.

These are the Cricut Maker 3 features you must know:

  1. More speed and power compared to its previous model.
  2. 2x fast speed as the previous Cricut Maker machine.
  3. Can cut over 300 materials with 10x speed.
  4. Offer an additional USB port for charging tablets.

How to Use Cricut Maker 3 for Beginners?

To use the Cricut Maker 3 machine, you must set it up first. The setup is easy, like any other Cricut machine. You are only required to download and install the Design Space software. The software is necessary to create designs and upload the pre-made designs and images. To set up, you need to cricut.com/setup on your device and proceed to download Design Space. If you are a beginner, don’t worry; here is all that you need.

Step 1: Setup Your Cricut Maker 3

This should be your first step. Start by installing a machine to clean the surface. Usually, the cutting machines are noisy, that’s why Cricut made their machines silent as much as possible. As the machine has a big size, it needs a spacious place. Cricut Maker 3 is the largest machine, so it demands a large, clean, and safe place to be installed. Therefore, check whether the surface is strong enough to handle the machine’s weight. Once you get such space, unpack your Cricut machine and connect it to the power source.

Step 2: Update the Firmware

After unboxing your machine and plugging it into the power source, you have to connect it to the internet. Then, you need to update the firmware. The Cricut Maker 3 will need a firmware update before you start using the machine. The Cricut Maker 3 can easily be connected to USB.

and Bluetooth. After that, you can proceed to update the firmware.

These are the steps to update the firmware in your Cricut Maker 3 machine:

  • Visit Cricut’s official website.

  • Then, choose to Download and install the Design Space for your device.
  • Follow the on-screen directions.
  • Then, select Sign in or Create a new Cricut ID.
  • Complete your machine’s setup.

  • Now, Design Space will detect your Cricut machine and check the firmware update.
  • A list of available firmware versions will also appear on the screen.
  • Next, tap Update.

  • Let the progress bar complete.
  • After that, your Cricut Maker 3 will restart when the Update is finished.
  • At last, choose Continue.

Finally, you have installed your Cricut Maker 3 and updated the firmware. Now, you should gather all the necessary items and start using your Cricut machine.

Step 3: Choose Compatible Tools

Cricut Maker 3 has specific tools to use. There are specific blades for cutting soft materials and hard materials. Hence, as a user, you need to pick a compatible tool to cut your material. To draw a design, use Cricut pens, and to cut materials, use the Cricut blades according to the material. Tools compatible with other Cricut machines may not be compatible with the Maker 3. Hence, choose the right tools for your machine.

Step 4: Start Your First Cut

After selecting the material or tools, you need to load your Cricut cutting machine into the Cricut machine. You need to take off the mat cover and load it into the Maker 3 machine.

Now, load your material on your cutting mat and make them stick together so the material doesn’t go off the mat. After this, put the mat and material into the Cricut machine. Also, confirm that you have inserted the correct tools into the machine. Then, the machine will start cutting according to your instructions.

Step 4: Remove the Extra Material

Once the cutting is done, the debris and leftovers may stick to the surface of the final cut. So, you have to pick out the material using a weeding tool or your hands. You can also use Cricut BrightPad, which allows users to pick up the leftover debris with its high-intensity luminous light. It may be an ideal tool for users with weak eyesight. Professional users should also use this tool for faster work. All you need to do is to put your cut material onto the BrightPad and remove the particles.

Step 5: Start Making Your Project

After weeding your material, you can move ahead to start your first project. You can also use a Cricut heat press and start preparing customized T-shirts or anything of your choice. For material, you can pick vinyl. Start by cutting vinyl with the Cricut Maker 3 into the expected shape and size and use them to prepare your design. Then, you can use those designs to apply to your fabric using a heat press like Cricut EasyPress 2.


Finally, you know how to use Cricut Maker 3 for beginners. The Cricut Maker 3 machine accompanies the users to create unique projects. It lets you cut over 300 materials. Now you are free to do everything and bring your imagination into reality. Don’t forget to use the compatible tools to use your machine. Our blog may assist you well in making your first project.

Visit: cricut.com/setup
cricut design space setup

Source: https://cricutdesigncut0.wordpress.com/2023/05/17/everything-about-using-a-cricut-maker-3-for-beginners/


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