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The latest action RPG in the gaming industry is developed under the supervision of Cold Symmetry. The game has arrived recently, and within a few days of its release, it has started intriguing gamers. Besides, those who don’t know the game is full of majestic aspects, including inhabiting other souls or increasing the strength of the weapons using quenching acids. Specifically, in this article, we are going to focus on all quenching acids. There are 11 acids available in the Mortal Shell world that can inflate the potential of weapons. Below we have provided a proper workaround that contains all quenching acid locations in Mortal Shells.


How to Find All Quenching Acids

  • Shrine of Ash– Monument of Ash: Players can find this Quenching Acid inside an Iron Maiden located near the final room.
  • Shrine of Ash– Monument of Ash: Players can find this Quenching Acid inside an Iron Maiden located near the fire demons’ room.
  • Seat of Infinity– Eternal Narthyx: Players can find this Quenching Acid inside a torch guarded by a foe that has a crossbow in his hand.
  • Seat of Infinity – Dim Gate: Players need first to access the teleporter; the following Quenching Acid is placed inside it.
  • Seat of Infinity– Dim Gate: Players can find this Quenching Acid inside the Shifting Archives.
  • New Game+: Gamers can buy this Quenching Acid from Sester Genessa at a reasonable price of 10 Glimpse.
  • Fallgrim: Gamers need first access to Temple Grounds where they witness a Grisha is burning, and on its backside, there is a house where a Quenching Acid is hidden inside a chest.
  • Fallgrim: Players need to visit Fallgrim Tower and start finding a Frog chest. The following Quenching Acid is hidden inside it.
  • Fallgrim Tower Shop: Gamers can buy two Quenching Acids from Vlas at 2,500 each.
  • Crypt of Martyrs – Enshrined Sanctum: Inside the final room, gamers need to find a hole in the wall. There are lots of enemies located inside that hole along with the Quenching Acid.
  • Crypt of Martyrs – Abandoned Chamber: Players need to find a chest near the burning Grisha to avail of this Quenching Acid.


Quenching Acids are the weapon upgrades in the world of Mortal Shell. Players need to grab them to enhance the potency of their armaments. There is a total number of 11 Quenching Acids, and in this article, we have provided their locations. Players can visit any Quenching Acid location in their preferred order. We hope that gamers who have visited this article will surely succeed in accomplishing all the Quenching Acids and will find it worth reading.

Players can play Mortal Shell on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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